Anyone that has purchased a gun from a retail outlet is familiar with the NICS Form 4473.

I was reminded of items 11-F and item 11-J, I see the .fed on my StatCounter every single day. Question to Uncle Sugar ( I know for a fact you will read this) Why is Mike Vanderboegh still allowed to own guns?

Clearly according to your rules and regulations he is a danger to society, he also is a communist that renounced his citizenship, I ask yet again WHY HAVE YOU NOT STRIPPED HIM OF HIS GUNS? Does he work for you? Is this why he gets the pass?

 “This was during my Benedict Arnold period, when I was a communist and an avowed
enemy of the constitutional republic of the United States.”

“My day job, when I wasn’t buying or stealing guns for the communists, was as a
hospital aide at University Hospital in Columbus, Ohio”

“As a member first of the peacenik anti-war movement which I joined in 1967, then
later the Students for Democratic Society, the Young Socialist Alliance, the
Socialist Workers Party, the Workers Action Movement and finally the Maoist
Progressive Labor Party, I had demonstrated, leafleted, marched, rioted, been
tear gassed, billy clubbed and briefly, arrested (but later released without
charges), eight years of street-level radicalism, all with an eye toward this

“Toward the end, I became a member of the PLP’s “secret party,” dropped from
public view and on instructions began to organize a “worker’s militia” in
central Ohio. We’d start out vetting new members by having them break into
National Guard armory parking lots and slash vehicle tires. In the end, we’d rob
dope dealers to raise the money to buy weapons, all kinds of weapons. We were
very good at what we did. And very, very lucky. Don’t believe me? Most of my
“Benedict Arnold” period papers are part of a collection at the Ohio Historical

I will ask one more time Fed Gov… you will read this blog several times today, why has Vanderboegh not been stripped of his guns?

Che you and your ilk constantly remind us that Sam is not allowed to own a firearm…… well as it turns out neither are you……. Yet you still own guns, you sir are a felon and a  fugative.


  1. He calls a pig a pig, but he is the big hog. I’d like to know why he can keep his guns? He can’t possibly be a paid snitch? I didn’t know the feds could go that low. Hell, he even snitches on himself.
    Papa Mike

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