Yet another satisfied customer, Bard I am sorry you will no longer be reading my rag, please Bard do not let the door hit you on your ass on the way out… and don’t come back.

The Bard of the American Redoubt commented on FAIRY TALES

Ok, that post was not helpful. Rawles has done more to help more people see the light than anyone. This man is responsible for waking up untold number of people. I have asked you guys to top the infighting, and focus on the objective at hand, but you don’t seem able to. I can’t have all this hate and discontent in my Liberty life. Here is what I am going to do. I am not going to follow your blog anymore. I am just going to walk away.

Even after not following your blog any more If I hear more about attacks by the III community against Mr. Rawles, then you will have picked a fight with me also.

Hey Bard who died and made you fucking king? Don’t threaten me pal, the numbers don’t lie….. The Godfathers vendor is robbing folks blind…. deal with it. What’s wrong the big boys can’t take the fucking heat? Then stay the fuck out of the kitchen!!

Bard I agree he has woken up lots of folks,,,,,, he also got very, very, very rich doing so. That is a fact you can take to the bank.




  1. Why is it when one attacks us, it seems to be more or less ok, but when we respond and counter, we are made out to be the bad guys?

    Since when is one not allowed to defend themselves?

    Is he who strikes first automatically on the moral high ground? Sounds like a lot of the USA’s preemptive attacks worldwide, when our target fights back, they are automatically the bad guy.

    • Bonnie it’s about the money, it’s always been about the money. That’s why things got so heated as of late……. Market share…. market share.

  2. Hey Bard,the numbers don’t lie! Yes Rawles has brung in a lot of people so has the Commie! But once you don’t follow these high priest of doom,as they are the only ones who are right,you become the enemy. I don’t always agree with Bill but the man does do his research and the numbers don’t lie. Now we may be a bunch of poor ass rednecks but you may want to watch who you attack too Bro! Truth always prevails!!!


  3. I regret to inform myself that I am highly offended by my own blog and will no longer be reading it. My attempts at unifying a unified group to bring disunity have been successful and we have all banned each other. Therefore I will sign up for everyone’s blog and then quit in a huff to promote unity. Long live death to unification! Wait, what the Fuck am I saying…. Oh yeah, I though I was over at sipsy. My bad. Jaysus. What a bunch of tards.

  4. Yeah, I only wish I could afford the night vision equipment that is on “sale” today over at Rawles’ site. But no, (insert sarcasm) I’m going to be crazy and just pay bills instead.
    Miss Violet

  5. I am just getting into iii sites and I am curious what is the root issue between sipsey and kerodin. Is there a primer on who is who on these sites? An actual current bio?

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