Are there any interested individuals interested in a garden seed co-op? We could also do mylar bags and other prep items. I have toyed with the idea of starting a seed business, but have never really followed through. Ideas? I am not looking to get rich, I would like to see garden seed sold at fair prices. I am fed up with the Oligarchs screwing people.

8 thoughts on “GARDEN SEED

  1. Bill, I think that is an idea that beats all. Only the people who realize the value of being able to produce their own food will be the ones who survive this mess. How can I help?
    Miss Violet

    • T,

      Yes the concept is not new, what is “NEW” is affordable, and not ripping folks off. I am now working on some price points.

  2. One of my biggest gripes about those disaster seed sellers is they package up a bunch of seeds, many that are not compatible for my part of the country. When those are sold to people who have never gardened those people are going to be in for a big surprise if they are depending on feeding their familes with that seed.
    Miss Violet

  3. Bill,

    Great idea, I think business would be good if we could get all the bloggers we know to link to a site for purchases. Some ideas below.

    Keep selection simple, basic and varied.
    Set vault size as 1 gallon buckets, with individual packets, instructions and whole kit sealed in Mylar. Print content labels for outside (cheap).
    Set up separate website with pay links on it.
    Keep business apart from political commentary.
    Stuff the max weight in seeds you can without losing money.
    Be sure your charges will pay for postage etc.

    This is a good model, that you can get started with minimal investment.
    AND the great thing is you could run the business from anywhere.

    Buy bulk, seeds, buckets, labels, postage meter/scale and go…

    I would be happy to buy from you instead of the damn pimps.

    • OVM,

      Your ideas are mirror image to my business model. Most folks do not understand just how cheap non GMO seed is.

      • Yep, and as a result they get ripped off. Renewable seed crops will be worth their weight in gold ( at my trading post) after the economy goes boom. So folks need to get them now, while they still can.

  4. i’m a prepper and a self sustaining gardener with many years experiance. i grow and save heirloom seeds every year.
    your idea of a seed vault is not a bad idea…IF…you do the research and offer area compatable seeds. another idea may be to offer seasonal packages..spring, with peas, beets, onions, ect that grow well in most areas early spring….summer with corn, tomatos, green beans ect that are summer crops, and fall with chard, beets again, and other cool loving short season fall crops. also consider offering a shell bean vault with red, black, white, and mixed color varieties in both bush and pole types. beans are a must for a sustainable protein source.
    a good “base” garden vault would contain several types of shell beans, for protien, a dent or flint corn, for starch and fiber needs, several types of cabbage, for vitimines and roughage…peas, beets, and green beans, for balance…all, of course, heirloon vatieties.
    this vault, with potatoes, which cannot be included in a long term valt, will keep the average person nutritionally alive for years.
    after you get established, consider adding a line of fertalizer, herbacides, and pesticides….organic gardening is nice when the world is “normal”..but if things get dark, i will kill anything, human, animal, insect, ot biological, that is trying to steal my food.

  5. HI Bill,
    although i am in the city now, i grew up and lived most of my life in the country on a dairy farm. I have always gardened, and would help in any way possible. My strength these days is preserving food. i would be willing to teach anyone.

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