Mail Pouch Barn Somerset County, PA Ocober 1978

I am moving forward with the garden seed business, I worked on the site yesterday….. yet it is slow going for an IT novice, I need some help. I also recently had two litters of piglets born.

The Gouging of non-GMO garden seed is OVER, garden seed should not be held close to the breast…… locked away in some special # 10 can, or buried in a plumbing pipe in the ground. Folks our grandparents kept seed all over the house and in the barns stored in glass mason jars or kept in brown paper sacks.

I suppose I understand why one would treat garden seed as if it were gold, hell so would I if I paid 100 bucks for six ounces of it, or 200 bucks for 3 pounds of mostly cheap bean seed. Of course you did get the PVC pipe and DVD of the pimp.

Garden seed is CHEAP, get it? Buying garden seed and then stashing it away for long periods is foolish, it needs to be rotated out just like your food preps, yes all garden seed has a shelf life, what do you think the germination rate will be for the pimps seeds he sold you four to five years ago? Regardless if you buried it in the ground in the sewer pipe.

Garden seed should be plentiful, and you should buy it annually, yes you do need to manage a cache for long-term storage, but it needs to be cycled out and replenished. Folks this is not rocket science…… The bottom pictures are of my garden seed that I keep on hand, you will notice it’s not buried in the ground or packed away in some sealed tin can…. folks use your damn seed, grow a garden every year…. the seed is affordable.

I keep up to 100 pounds of seed ready for all seasons, of course I do live in Texas and I can plant three gardens a year. If some of my seed gets too old I just toss it, it’s not gold, then I get on the phone and order more, and no I do not pay 100 bucks for a fistful of magic beans. At a later date I will also be offering 7 mil Mylar bags, bulk spices, spices for processing sausage. I will also offer items for the home brewer.

I will be offering items for the do it your selfer, not items that are hoarded and buried in the ground, it’s supposed to be about SELF-SUFFICIENCY. Yes you do need to MANAGE a rainy day fund of preps, but they will not keep forever. The fifty pound sacks is corn seed, because of the drought last year I bought heavy… just in case. I over paid at the time and spent 50 bucks per fifty pounds for field corn, that’s a dollar a pound… get it?

You should be buying you garden seed by the half pound and pound increments, I will give you an approximate price, call it a teaser….. Blue Lake Pole green Beans one pound offering of 2,000 seeds for under 10 bucks plus shipping, Cabbage one pound offering of 112,000 seeds for under ten bucks plus shipping…. do you get it. Do you understand just how much garden you can grow for 100 bucks?

Do you understand how many heads of cabbage you can grow with over 100,000 seeds? store your long-term storage seeds in the freezer, it’s how the big seed banks do it. 1,900 ( one pound ) green bean seeds spaced about 3 inches will give approximate yield of 30-50 pounds of green beans.

What does a pound of fresh green beans cost at the grocery store? 3-4 bucks, think about that, less than ten bucks of seed and some sweat equity and you have well over a hundred bucks of beans, folks it’s about self-sufficiency, and if you have not noticed it’s not getting any cheaper at the grocery store.

Being self sufficient IS about long-term storage, it’s also about buying in bulk and managing it, yes you must have emergency food preps, yet you need to also stave off inflation and shrinking paychecks.

Now go look at my seed porn.





20 thoughts on “GARDEN SEED

  1. Now, that is how you help people to prepare for disaster and be self sufficient! Kudos and good luck Bill. I’ve seen pics of your gardens, I’d say you know what you’re doing. If you have any varieties that will work in my climate, I’ll buy from you. When are you expecting to start taking orders?
    Miss Violet

    • Yes I will offer garden seed that can be grown all over the US. Right now I am struggling with my business website, I need help with it, as soon as the site is up I will place my first wholesale seed order.

  2. I hope you will have a few of the common herbs as well. We use either Italian Parsley or cilantro in almost everything we prepare and in addition to my 4′ x 8′ raised bed of it I basically just broadly sow it in the yard all over the place like a weed otherwise I never have enough throughout the year so that’s something I definitely need a lot of.

    Thanks for doing this!

  3. Sign me up, finally someone being honest about seed and prices. I will buy from you. I am tired of being gouged for seed. $100.00 for 6 ounces is dishonesty in spades.

  4. I’ve been waiting for this day…

    Let me know if you need some help with your site. Looking foward to the site introduction!!!
    There are Arizonans squealing like piggies over here!! Spot on Bill.

      • okay. Feel free to email me with any questions. No prob. If I don’t know the answer, I can find out.
        Who are you hosting through?

  5. If anyone in the prepping community has not kept a garden, and you own land; since the crash of ’08, you are then not a true prepper. My survival seed grew in my garden last summer. I will then replant that seed that I saved for next summer.

    Now, as for the concept of storing “survival seed” without a current garden. “YOU WILL STARVE TO DEATH”. If anyone thinks that they will take to gardening after TSHTF or TEOTWAWKI, you have a rude wake up call comming, and it will result in your death. Gardening takes time to learn, especialy for your local soil conditions, time of year to plant certain plants and so forth. It took three years for my current and life long garden to start producing enough so that I do not have to go to the grocery store and to can for the rest of the year. Which brings me to another point, preservation of your bounty. Kind of weird that the seed pimps hawk their “survival seed” banks while placing very little emphasis on long term food storage along with their over priced “survival seed” banks, but it’s all about the $$$$

    How many of you that have bought those over priced seed vaults have enough canning jars, replacement lids or even know how to can low acid or high acid foods. I bet not many.

      • If you don’t have any Old Timers in your community, then you can get a Ball Mason canning book. They come out with one every year. Don’t forget to add mason jars and lids to your prep supplies. I believed Bill mentioned it earlier, but add preserving salt to your preps also. This way you can preserve meat too.
        Mike M.

      • Get the Ball Blue Book on canning and preserving and the Ball Complete book on preserving. My wife and I use both, they have some really good pickling recipes.

        I also believe the Ball Blue Book gets into pressure canning and hot bath canning, we use a pressure canner for most things. But some pickled items just do better in hot bath. And you really want to study upon pressure canning before you start.

  6. Looking forward to buying some seeds! Let me know and I will put a link on my website to it.

    If you need help with the tech stuff let me know, I would be glad to help.

  7. For those late in the game for preserving, this is a quick primer on getting started properly.

    Perishable foods are either high acid(fruits, fruits juices, tomatoes) foods or low acid(veggie, all meats, poulty, and fish)

    As mentioned above, you will need to purchase Ball’s latest book on canning and preserving. There are also good primers available from the USDA, or most extension offices.

    For your basic canning needs, you will need a “Pressure Canner” first. High pressure canning is a must for canning low acid foods. If you can also get a boiling water bath canner if you can afford so, if not you can still use your pressure canner for boiling water bath canning of your high acid foods. WARNING, do not can low acid foods in a boiling water process. This will not safely process low acid foods. This is why you will need a pressure canner.

    The Ball Book will go into detail on how you set everything up for your canning experiences.
    this manual will tell you how long to process your foods in a boiling water or pressure canning processes. FOLLOW THOSE DIRECTIONS TO THE LETTER, do not skip or skimp on any of the directions. Failure to do so will result in a deadly case of food poisoning of yourself and loved ones.

    Now for the expensive part, getting your Ball/Mason Jars(have close to 500 for just myself) some families can have 1,000 or more. The one good thing about the jars is that they are reusable as long as they are not damaged in the neck rims or broken(they are glass). If you buy used, the first thing you look for is any damage to the rims of the neck. If they are nicked or damaged pass on them. The next thing you will need to buy plenty of is the lids itself. They come in two pieces, the ring and the sealing lids. the rings can be reused indefinitely, the sealing lids CANNOT BE REUSED. These are what you will really need to stock up on. THEY CANNOT BE REUSED. A good supply of Pickling Salt(Iodine Free) is another must have.

    This is just the basic primer on canning. There are plenty of youtube videos that go into great detail and instructions on basic food preservation, and let’s not forget Google itself.
    Hope this can jump start all of those that are late in the game.

  8. Bill,

    Damn good show Brother! I am one of those tards, that have a ton of ‘seed banks” in the freezer.
    I also have members and neighbors who are hard core gardeners. Sadly I have a black thumb when it comes to gardening. I swear if the bugs don’t get it, the deer will. But just having such a valuable resource among us is a huge benefit to the community (or our extended tribe).

    I will be advising members and other Militia outfits to purchase from you once you go live.
    We have feed stores around here, but it will be a time saver to have seeds with simple instructions for those urban and sub-urban folks who don’t have the “prepper sense”
    to get a garden started now.

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