I would like to thank all those that have ordered seed from us, it is a small company that has had to grow very quickly, there was zero time to rest, no complaints here. I have not been able to keep up with the demand, plus the freight company bumped my last order and it took 3 additional days to ship.

Thanks also for the patience with your orders, I can now process and ship in about a week, this will get better as inventory is added.


One last picture of the little ones, going to hate getting rid of them, but they are a lot of work and they are now eating solid food, they are still nursing. I will wean at about 10 weeks old. The piglets are a cross of New Hampshire and Durock. There is a solid black one I have my eye on.


The last picture is not blurry, it is water spraying from the hose. The little rat bastards decided to chew on the garden hose I use to fill the pig water buckets.

One thought on “PIGS AND GARDEN SEED

  1. Dear Sir,
    I have done some further research since my last email. I am going to gamble my life savings on this endever/project, I hope I succeed but nothing in life is guaranteed, so I shall accept what ever fate awaits. I have talked to people in the local area that have no idea how the GMO system works, this works to my advantage. Not only that but there is not ONE single shop that offers what I have in mind within 20 miles. If you feel it is worth your time feel free to contact me.

    Jbiglin@compageinc.net or redneckgeek@compageinc.net
    Office: 863-401-9404
    Cell: 863-287-2161

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