The American In Me

2012-09-29 Balfour 021

The sun shines today, as a matter of fact…. the sun shines in my conscience everyday. I was born and raised as an American, nothing will change this fact, it is in my DNA. I live as a free man… and will continue to do so, nothing can change this.

I am well aware of uncle sugar and his shenanigans, spying on me and my words, I am a free man and nothing can change this. Fear? No the fear subsided long ago, revenge? We can discuss perspective later. I have surrounded my self and family with instruments of death…. Just as my ancestors had, because they lived their lives as free men, nothing can change this.

I have also surrounded myself and family with the means to feed ourselves, food, livestock, garden seed, viable gardens with the tools to work them. Come try to take them from us, I will fight to my death to defend my family and property….. Nothing can change this.

America has changed, this can’t be argued. I have not changed… The American within me has not changed. Last night the anger began to rise, I asked my wife to change the channel……My soul was stirred, it was angry and upset… sickened at the images being brought into our home from the nation’s capitol. I am an American and nothing can change this.

We already understand and acknowledge the path of our future, it’s a heady task before us… To say the least it’s daunting. My DNA refuses to allow me to forget I am an American. There is an American within all of us……. Nothing can change this.

Our family just started a small mom and pop business, I have had a few e-mail me and ask why? Why now?……. Because I am an American, and Nothing Can Change This Fact. We should all be starting small businesses, supporting each other, the framework and the inventory needs to be in place. LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL.




19 thoughts on “The American In Me

  1. Thank you for your post. I woke up this morning feeling in a strange town, exhausted, and feeling helpless. Reading your post snapped me out of self pity. Nobody said this would be easy. Thank you again.


      Before the 1965 Immigration Act, that would’ve been okay – implicit as it is, and with a 92% majority. Now, with the teeming masses gathering and the enforcers salivating, sorry, sounds a tad bit chickenshit to me. Your too smart NOT to be able to plot points over time, and then extrapolate.

      I shouldn’t have to remind you that it is not what “they” call you, without hesitation. You can predicate your story on family and DNA, and yet most of you won’t even honestly describe what you see in the mirror? Fear? Politeness? Worry that you won’t be able to keep “yours?”

      We are White men, in bravery, courage, and faith, whose father’s built the greatest nation to possibly ever exist. We sailed seas and went into space.

      WE WERE AMERICANS, and nobody was prouder of that fact than me growing up. But through dissipated wealth, silence, neglect, and evil not of your doing, that isn’t the lay of the land anymore.

      Even if you cannot bring yourself to say it aloud, for the safety of your own family (for the time is growing short) just repeat in your head what you imagine your enemy is saying to himself when he thinks of you. I plead to you as part of my greater and extended family: finally listen to what everyone else knows.

      • FWM, I approved your comment….. Yet you are WAY out of line. Piss down my leg again and you and I will have problems. Please in the future do not PROJECT. You do not know what I may or may not comprehend, fact of the matter you might be very surprised just how far ahead of the curve I am. Now… that would take some research on your end. No hard feelings…… keep your dick in your pants when you are in my home and we will get along just fine.

        • Pity. That is what I felt when I read feminizedwesternmale’s comment. But, not surprise. I had already figured he had given up when I read his handle.

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  3. We are Americans, and we shall have our America *restored*. Those who don’t like it have a choice – live elsewhere, or die here; for we are Americans, and we will no longer tolerate the willful abouse and corruption of that which we hold dear, for ourselves and our posterity. We’ve played the game, paid the blood, and won the game before; what makes these fools think we won’t do it again?

  4. Reblogged this on Realistic Stuff and commented:
    I apologize for falling behind on consistent updates… I’ll catch up soon. Bill’s post was exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right time. Literally brought a tear to my eye. It’s my pleasure to share his words.

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