No not a gun show, and it was early, they had not even opened the proverbial doors. It was a soup kitchen, instead of soup they were handing out groceries, 3-4 tractor trailers full of food. The pictures really do not give the scale of people waiting for their food.

The food came from the Houston Food Bank, I was at the post office shipping out Patriot Packages, this my friends is in my small town of Willis, Texas with a population of under 6,000 people. They had to park overflow traffic in one of the smaller middle school parking lots, as the line of cars continued to grow on the medium.

The staging area were the food was being distributed…… the lines may look small, only because the overflow had yet to be released to the staging area. It blew my mind, mini me was with me, he had made comments on how sad he was to see kids from his school standing in line. He also thanked me for our gardens and our feeder animals.

Do you remember what happened to guns and ammo? Short memory? Do you remember…….Senate Bill S510:

No it did not pass because of a procedural snafu, now ask yourself……. have they made guns or ammo illegal? No they have not, now…….. go TRY and buy a gun or associated ammo at a fair price. I just sold four bricks of 22LR ammo, 500 rounds in a brick for 100 bucks a brick. The shop was willing to buy all that I had. I declined the offer.

I am not pimping doom and gloom to sell some garden seed. You already know the truth, you already understand the circumstances, you already know they TRIED but failed because of a technicality. I will be shoring up my inventory next week.


  1. If they are so desperate they have to be given food why do most of them have cars? I wonder how many people were standing in line talking on their cell phones,

    • In my opinion, cars are easy to find. So is getting a ride from a neighbor. When it comes to people in need, it’s easy to judge at first glance. On the eve of me canceling television services, I can attest, priorities are becoming very apparent.

      Btw, talked to my mom yesterday. She got her seed. Planned a trek back to the valley of the Sun first week of March to start planting.
      Now where did I put those overalls?

      • I certainly understand unplanned or unanticipated misfortune. Private charity has always been the primary mechanism in our society (before the New Deal) where we assisted those truly in need. I contribute and participate in private charity because, in a free society I believe it is the proper and efficient social safety net. My judgment is based on personal observation. Excluding the people at the margins, the vast majority of people seeking free food, free phones subsidized housing, food stamps, social security disability, WIC, section 8 housing, etc., are there because of poor life life choices and poor planning. The few of us left that are producers can no longer support the growing of majority of moochers.

        • I’m from Cleveland, TX, not far from there, and have a bunch of kinfolk in the New Waverly area, even closer to you. Every time I go back home, I’m amazed at how things have changed since I left there in 1980 to enlist in the Air Force.

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