For reasons unknown to me at the time, I took a trip to my local gun show this past weekend in Conroe, Texas. I would have to estimate 12,000 to 15,000 attended on Saturday. Black guns have come down, AK’s started at around 2,500 bucks. 22LR bricks of 500 count were rare and going around 55-65 bucks.

The credit card machines were being worn plumb out, black guns, ammo and pistols were flying off the shelves, I honestly have never seen such a frenzy. Ammo prices are still lofted, even old mil-spec Nato was going for over a buck a round.

After the gun show we hit the big flea markets, I could have sworn I had just crossed the border. Times have hit my region pretty damn hard, rural areas in our nation are not doing so well. The chatter is way up…… People are awakening at a rapid pace, pain tends to cause this transformation.

The rise of the popularity and support of local militias is skyrocketing, good for them! Every week it seems a new chapter is forming. As all the ingredients get rough chopped and thrown into the boiling caldron….. Life becomes that much more complicated, and dangerous.

It seems odd to now voice my mind and not be called a kook, it’s interesting to have a conversation with someone just now brushing the sleep from their eyes, you can stay on point but you know the person still has much more pain to work through. I was at the local feed store and a conversation was struck in regards to how much ammo a gentleman has stored away, he was proud of his two bricks of 22’s. I bit my tongue….Wisely!

None the less….. they are awakening, I find no reason to place salt on the open wound. Doom?…..Gloom? The élite know what’s best for us.

…they will never stop coming, folks.  These are hardcore Marxist ideologues. 
(I don’t give them credit of being ‘real’ Marxists because they get to play at
Marxism from the safety of their gated communities and security details and
limos.  Any real Marxist from Russia, Cuba, China would eat the American
version’s lunch.)

There can be no coexistence.  They mean to have war –
with you.

Said better than I ever could! Sam speaks of the essence, after all it the essence that most lack the ability of defining or understanding, it’s the essence that wants to destroy us and our way of live….. that hangs in the balance.

The transition of America that stirs the current anger in Americans, first the Americans brushing sleep from their eyes, must transform just as the caterpillar to butterfly from the chrysalis. This is a great mental transformation, a very painful transformation. They will not likely share with us the opportunity to gradually awake from slumber, many of them will not be prepared.

We have had time to educate ourselves, time to work out the pimps and the scoundrels, we painfully witnessed our own patriot community eat it’s young, sadly it’s still ongoing. Yet the wheat is being separated from the chaff, try to understand just how hard it’s going to be for the newbies.

Can America Transform? Perhaps we have always been a wicked lot and we have come full circle back to the apex. What will it take …. Short of a revolution to give us back Americana? Perhaps Americana never existed. Who can we blame? Who should we blame? Did we not work hard enough? What happened to bring us to the current state of affairs? Lack of religion? Too much religion? Immigration? WHAT HAPPENED TO US?

Understand one thing, the most important aspect….. When Sam stated…..There can be no coexistence.  They mean to have war –
with you.

He is not lying this is not hyperbole, the reason we cannot wag a finger at one single element to find the answers is because much of the fiber has been transformed….. in our churches, in our schools, in our government, in our universities, in our homes, in our doctors offices, in our arts, in our music, in our media. Sound familiar?  How long has this debate been going on? Long before Marx put it to paper.

The essence…….. all societies are cyclical, some live on and others die out, which will we be? A great nation that falls because of the laws of the universe, can or cannot be revived? Does it really matter? After all it’s the fight that thrills the most, what would life be without struggle and conflict…… pretty damn boring if you ask me, because the ESSENCE is and always will be, we are warriors, always have been and always will be.

Dare to embrace your inner warrior, it’s in your DNA…… This is why we were the Greatest nation on the spinning rock. Others came close ask Germany. You have no choice but to fight, I suppose you could just roll over and die, yet we all know it’s not in our DNA. This fight is not about rah-rah -rah USA, USA, USA. No this fight is much bigger, just as the jungle dictates.

Local, Local, Local. Got beans? Got ammo, Got garden seed? Got Tribe? Better get some and soon, because you no longer have a America, she has been dead for some time, quit mourning her because she really might not ever have existed.

You are only free if you live freely in your head. I took off my shackles long ago….. no it’s not a real pleasant experience… at first.

8 thoughts on “Shangri-La

  1. Why has the greed taken over? Why are other patriots raping each other? The price of ammo is outragous.
    On the radio yesterday Gunbroker was taken bids on 1200 rnds of .22lr, the winning bid was over $600.00. What a rape. Where ever you go ammo is high priced. If you don’t have it now, and you don’t have alot of money, you’re SOL.
    And they were calling us foolish.
    Papa Mike

  2. Shedding those chains is painful at first but very liberating as well. The only bad thing about it is once you shed your own chains, you look at those around you with a mix of pity and disgust. I try so hard to tell them what’s coming and I’m treated like a damn fool. I won’t feel sorry for them when the time comes and they aren’t preapared. They’ve had every bit as much time as I have.
    Josh R.

  3. Damn good questions. But even if we knew the answers, could we really fix anything? It’s too far gone if you ask me, which is made perfectly evident by the re-(s)election of the Chocolate Jesus and the merry band of D.C. criminals. Over and over and over again the same vicious cycle repeats itself because the average voting shmuck has the attention span of a gnat…

  4. I have been preaching rhis to my children since they could understand the concept of liberty & freedom. They in turn have expressed this same mindset to their friends and teachers.

    Some of their friends have continued to ask questions regarding what is/has happened regarding the continued encroachment on the liberties endowed to us. Others are just your typical teen with not a care.

    Then there are their teachers. In a small southeast Teaxas town, some share our love of liberty. Most of the teachers have been indocrinated by the big skewls in the bright lights of the city. My girls have brought home tales of ” your parents are those kind” and them being singled out and sometimes being retailated against. Those time are where living in a small town are nice and you see everyone at Walmart. Somes a subtle threat conveys the message, sometimes its an outright direct threat to them because they are mostly a stupid breed.

    But no matter, my faamily lives free and thast love oif freedom will not die with me. My kids will fight the battle for the ground beneath their feet.

  5. I’m an hour east of you on 105 brother. I almost made it over for this had I not had some work to do on my off road vehicle. This fight that we are all in for.. I feel that it is a fight that I have been getting ready for my entire life. I grew up in the pines of East Texas with plenty of opportunity to hunt, fish, make muscadine jelly, work cattle, and sow the finest gardens a young man ever had the chance to eat from. My daddy taught me how to knap, trap, and skin just about anything. I served the Corps from 98-02 and came back to Texas as fast as I could get here. My offspring know my opinions on privacy in our home. They know about the sacrifices that brave men and women made long before us that gave us the way of life we have today. They know what it will take to keep it. Funny thing here… The day before I EAS’d from the USMC, I had a very interesting talk with an old First Sgt who was Recon in his younger days. He told me a very important thing that day that I’ll never forget.. He said “Leatherneck, I don’t care if you have to work 3 jobs to make ends meet, you buy the ammo that you think you’ll never need in mass quantities. There WILL come a time again in your life that your country will need men like you to pick up your rifle once more.” I’ve kept in touch with that old man over the last 11 years and boy was he ever so right. I remember the day I “woke up” in 2004. It was like being kicked in the mouth by a mule. I had never felt such let down and deceit in my life. I mean what do you say to being lied to your entire life? I was angry, bitter, and hateful for a while. I learned to accept it and adapt or die. From that point on, I have made every possible subtle attempt at trying to alert others without being flagged as fringe or schizophrenic. Some men you just can’t reach.. Cool Hand Luke anyone? I saw the iceberg from the bow of the Titanic long before my friends did. I can assure you that I will not be standing on the deck dancing to the violins as it sinks… Make hay while the sun is still shining. Country Boy Can Survive. Semper Fidelis.

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