When I was a boy growing up in North West PA I was always excited to find an apple or pear orchard where the farmer used the ancient form of Espalier to grow his fruit trees, I suppose because of the regions vast Concord grape orchards, many farmers also used the same type of post and wire system to grow fruit trees.

Here is a picture of a grape farm from my hometown, the grapes are all grown near Lake Erie. You can see the lake in the background of the picture

grapeharvest2006 023X

Here are a few links on Espalier practices:

Of course things of beauty come in threes.


Strike that….. Perhaps in fours.

Semper Fi


4 thoughts on “ESPALIER

  1. When we lived in AZ there was a Mennonite orchard right next to us and they used the trellising method. It looked like it was easier in some ways, picking, for instance and great for air flow, but it seemed labor intensive to keep the pruning up…but then that’s just part of keeping fruit trees, I guess.

    This fall I’m going to plant some apple trees. I’m planting semi dwarfs for the short term and standards for the long haul. Let us know how your’s turn out when you do get around to that project.

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