The Black Buggy Seed Package

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Due to many requests Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed has added a new product…. A new seed package half the size of the Patriot Seed Package. It’s called the Black Buggy Seed Package. Just under a pound and a half of Heirloom Non – GMO garden seed for under 50 bucks. We have fulfilled well over 100 orders, with 20 more in the que waiting to ship.

I would like to personally thank each and every one of you that has helped support and get the word out on our new business. Any and all feed back thus far on the products has been very good. The new package was brought on board because of the high demand for a smaller seed package. In all actuality it is the perfect size to throw into a ruck or to take up to the weekend getaway.

We must take control of our food, this is a daunting task. Start by planting one seed at a time, raise feeder animals. Raising chickens and rabbits is not hard. We have 15 piglets that were weaned just a few days ago, if you are in the area contact me and I will give you the skinny on the price.

It’s been a roller coaster ride the last few weeks, we opened our doors three weeks ago and my only regret…… I should have done this long ago. I try to keep about 500 plus pounds of seed constantly in stock, do you realize if TSHTF what that would do for my local tribe. It’s enough seed to feed thousands.

If you have something in particular you want, or a certain package e-mail me at

Help us get the word out on just how inexpensive garden seed really is.

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