The Patriot’s Swap Shop


It looks like Ken has taken the leap and he is buttoning up a few loose ends. This is a brilliant idea, and I will be using his services, two bucks for each ad……. it’s a no brainer.

I have bought so much stuff over the years, and I HATE…….. friggin HATE Craigslist. Kenny thanks for doing this! I am predicting this will be a huge success. The first item I am going to sell at the Patriot Swap shop is a brand new…. synthetic folding stock for a SKS. I hope it’s legal in CA.

I have had that stock sitting in the closet for two years now, the better half is still bitching at me to get it out of her side of the closet, of course it won’t fit on my side because of the ammo cans. I also like the idea that all I have to do is e-mail a pic with the description and price.

Kenny thanks again for doing this, it’s a brilliant idea, although I think you should be charging more, 5% -8% of the item sold would be more than fair, just my two cents.


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