The political climate is rapidly changing, no sparks or ignition, that happened long ago. A word to the wise….. better get your preps in order. The strain of the masses wakening up and clearing the shelves……. well I suppose your ammo situation…. never mind.

Green house is going up, the frame is almost complete, life has been getting in the way… after all it is spring down here in Texas. People are waking up, it’s a phenomenal thing to watch and experience, it sends shivers down my spine. It’s also a very dangerous time to be alive.

Burnt offerings…… No it will not be the slaughtered lambs being offered to please the gods. The director of the universe has declared the heads on the pikes will not be of lambs or sheep…. I will merely smirk and allow you to figure it out. I have tried not to weave my seed business into my political blog, yet there are times… better get your seed while it’s still cheap. By the way how did your ammo situation work…… never mind.

Back to the burnt offerings for a moment, the high crimes against the citizens of this nation and our constitution will have to be answered for…….. Drones….. Armored tanks…. Billions of rounds of ammo purchased to bottleneck and subvert our 2nd Amendment….. Burnt offerings indeed, did I fail to mention the unconstitutional spying on its own citizens…. burnt offerings we shall have.

Treason is a high crime… got rope? Got a lamp post? My soul cringes every damn time I start my truck up and head into town……..The cameras need to go bye… bye……… More burnt offerings.

The soul of the nation is stirring, our forefathers are done turning in their graves….. There is a wicked mist rolling over the streets and foothills of this country, the groans of dissatisfaction are rising, the fires are being stoked.

Open rebellion is talked about in the grocery stores and the coffee shops, the citizenry is pissed and growing more agitated by the day as the truth bears its fruits. Fear is being replaced with pitch forks and AK’s, the lies and corruption of the masters deeds are being exposed. The beast had damn well better understand its crimes will not go unpunished.

From DC down to the town halls of America, the lists are being drawn up……. burnt offerings. Gather your preps, gather your tribe…. roll up your sleeves and get ready for the show. It’s about friggin time, oh it will be messy…. for both sides, make zero mistakes about that.

G20 protest

Call me a kooky, call me a fanatic…….. burnt offerings indeed. Enjoy the show folks…..

5 thoughts on “BURNT OFFERINGS

  1. Hardin County Outlaws are right down HWY 105. Make hay while the sun shines brother. Holler if you need us. The Big Thicket is… BIG. We won’t be hard to find.

  2. Lets see…

    Trained Tribe of Dead Enders? Check.
    Years food supply? Check.
    Wells and Water filtration? Check.
    Seeds and Garden tools, plus farmers? Check
    Fortifications, Countermeasures and area denial systems? Check.
    Medicines and Surgical supplies with expertise to use them? Check.
    Night Vision, ammo caches and force multipliers? Check.
    Fuel stockpile, bio-fuel manufacturing capabilities? Check.
    Barter supplies, treadle sewing machines, distillery? Check.
    Hand tools, spare lumber, firewood, wood-stoves? Check.
    Private machine and auto-shop? Check.
    Connections, sympathizers and informers embedded with local LEO and NG? Check.
    Locations of “Threats” to local stability mapped and assigned priority? Check.
    Families drilled and briefed on action, communication and evac plans? Check.
    Radio, CB, Ham, communications protocols in place with equipments pre-programmed? Check.
    Relationships established with locals, neighbors and supporters? Check.

    Mindset, spiritual fitness, moral compass? Check.

    Sunglasses and popcorn? Check.
    Let’s rock.

  3. Every true American has been watching, waiting, and taking notes on who stands where. Our enemies have shown themselves, and we have indeed taken note. We are gathering our determination, as we have gathered our preps for the day soon coming. We understand that they will not go quietly, but such is the way of the proud and the greedy, those demons – they are a always very noisy bunch.

    So shall it be on the day of reckoning, that their voices shall be raised higher than ever, and the claws of these demons shall flash red as conviction of all their evil doings, but we will answer plainly, and with determined force, and we will make them speechless in a most peculiar way.

    When the enemy swings, the patriot sings….

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