Broken records? Indeed!

Did you happen to catch the CPAC on Saturday? Just one piece of the puzzle. There will be conflict, there will also be a ravaging of the old guard in the GOP. And Johnny McCain and company will not be ushered out without a fight……. And they do have the tools available to play dirty.

No need for a crystal ball, 2014 mid-terms will be very interesting, it will be a decisive battle regardless of the winners or the losers. Now another piece of the puzzle soon to be put into place…. The American Citizens and their pain threshold, the power base shift in DC is coming, the new delegates will have but no choice to govern by the people, if this process is subverted using the same nasty…. dirty old bag of tricks, every lamp-post in this nation will be highly decorated with hemp necklaces.

There is an understanding from the grass-roots up to the new power base……. If blood needs to be shed to right this nation……. So be it. You can take that to the bank folks. The political process and our Constitution has not been moth balled as of yet, there is one part of the process that trumps the dirty tricks…… It’s our 2nd amendment.

Sam Kerodin at one point was very adamant about this, at the time I did not have the capacity to understand, I do now! And it should be very clear for all to see. I actually have more hope today than I did 3-5 years ago. Why? Because I am seeing a great awakening happening in our nation. Folks are pissed the fuck off, and rightfully so.

Don’t get me wrong here…. blood will be shed, hell it’s shed every single damn day, the gutters of our streets stay soaked with blood. It will take our 2nd amendment to rectify the rat infestation in DC. Johnny McCain and company will not relinquish their 5th Columns and Iron Triangles, this is a fact. They will be confronted, how soon the rats forget what happened at the Town Hall Meetings, yes they have very short memories.

Unfortunately for them , the numbers and the anger is swelling exponentially, the rats can hide from us…….. For now, but the day of reckoning is coming. I was asked if we would see a time line of approximately 5 years, hell no! The mid- term elections will be the catalyst of the reindeer games…… Take that to the bank folks.

One thing certain….. The Johnny McCain’s and company will not back down as stated earlier, they will use every trick in their bags, sadly for them we will come prepared. Sarah Palin at the CPAC on Saturday made this very clear. Her 32 minute speech will go down in history as the turning point……. Take that to the bank folks.

There is a storm brewing, a great storm. It’s exactly what we need. Sleep well tonight knowing and understanding the turning point has arrived, it will be ugly and bloody, yet it will allow hope for the future generations and our Nation. This story will twist and it will turn, least NOT forget it is being written, this makes it tangible.

Tangible is exactly what WE THE PEOPLE need, half asleep or fully awake…. if it can be tasted but for a moment….. We now have a block of clay in our hands. The anger grows and it’s quench for justice grows with it.

The infestation of the socialist’s and progressives and their agenda is being protected and comforted by the Johnny McCain’s in the Grand Old Party, they stand in our way of reclaiming what belongs to We The People. The psychopaths will be dealt with…… Harshly. And they will not go quietly to their jail cells prior to their hearings………… SMILE!

Remember how queer it seemed to see Saddam Hussein in a jail cell……… And then to see the noose around his neck?

4 thoughts on “HEMP NECKLACES

  1. They are so arrogant that they have no clue what is brewing. DHS knows that there is chatter but they have no idea how deep this runs.When the lid finally blows ,off the whole damn kettle is going to boil over

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