I wrote this back in early January…..

Recently an individual tried to take me to task regarding my use of Pay-Pal at my garden seed site. He was upset because WRSA was promoting the garden seed, and of course how on earth could such a pro-gun site promote someone using the anti gun organization such as Pay-Pal?

May I remind every one of the gun zealots ( I happen to be one myself) Where are you today with the boycott of HS? How about Wal-Mart? Or any of the gun manufacturers that carry the HS stocks?

So for political purposes only, Pay-Pal is being used as a scape goat, this is hypocritical at best, shut down HS, shut down Gander Mountain, shut down Academy, shut down Dicks, shut down Cabella’s…… you get the point.

How about Remington, or Savage? Although I do understand the guys point….. it is a tad hypocritical to judge me for using Pay-Pal, after all I do state you can send me a personal check for your garden seed order.

Just more Frat Boys and their reindeer games. Why have the so-called PATRIOTS not shut down the entire gun lobby and industry over the treasonous actions of HS and it’s vendors and customers? WHY? Yet come at me because of Pay-Pal……. sad! I can go on and on and on if you wish, this is just a SMALL example of how Corp. America is raping us, shall we discuss ammo prices of Cheaper than dirt?

Why not empty out your gun safes and smash every single gun you own out of principle, because at some point there is a connection to HS with every gun you have purchased…….. principle huh? What a fucking joke, the Patriot community is full of principled folks. That’s why Remington is still in business after decades of selling rifles with a bad safety that killed dozens, yes we all know the story and how they covered it up…. FOR DECADES!

Priciples indeed.

4 thoughts on “PAY-PAL and PATRIOTS

  1. One can do a direct credit card purchase via Paypal without actually using them. I do it all the time and did it with my seed order. Simply use the “don’t have an account” option and Paypal is avoided.

    Next drama?

  2. Why have they not shut down the local government tyrants? Why have they not shut down the county thieves? Why have they not shut down the state bastards? Why have they not shut down the fedgov criminals? What a bunch of hypocrites. Screw Paypal, how about growing a pair and shutting down the REAL cause of the problem? Typical frat boys, all hat and no cattle. Fuck those candy asses.

  3. Drama kings. Pffst. Where did i put my garlic n
    cross? Oh, there it is …right under my gardening gloves.

    I’d just give ém a huge “Fuck you and g’day”…
    Ain’t nobody got time for that!

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