Chasing the heavens……. The ugliness I have witnessed in the past year stays burned into my brain, so many so-called patriots attacking an idea of moving and building in Idaho. This is STILL America. Ideas and dreams, they flow from the soul. I am not part of the contingent that will move to Idaho, none the less it’s STILL America.


So much hatred and evil….. Spewing lies an un-truths……. It’s STILL America. Free people still get to dream and hope for a better life for their children……..It’s STILL America.


This is STILL America.


To those folks moving to Idaho…. God Bless you, keep dreaming and LIVE FREE!

4 thoughts on “CHASING THE HEAVENS

  1. I don’t dream anymore and can’t remember when I last had one. The only thing similar to dreaming that I can remember from time to time is when I have deja vu, and I get that a lot. As things are happening I can almost tell you what is about to happen next from memory like I dreamed it before… I know I know… I need to switch to decaf..

  2. “To those folks moving to Idaho…. God Bless you, keep dreaming and LIVE FREE!”

    Amen to this! All the people complaining about this need to give it a rest. Everyone making the move is an adult and able to weigh the pros and the cons, which I have no doubt they are doing. If after doing this they still choose to move…then shut the hell up and give it a rest since it’s none of the nay-Sayers business in the first place.

    I just don’t understand why this is such a hard concept for some to figure out. For those droning on and on about this it reeks of big government nanny state control freakishness to go out of their way to prevent it just because they don’t agree with it…WTF???

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