So much anger concerning Cyprus, yes greedy bankers to be sure! Big deal I say…….. You and I get robbed at gun point each and everyday of our lives by our own government, don’t pay your taxes and see what happens.

We could also talk about what our elected officials do with the money they steal from us…….

Panties getting wadded up about the DHS tactical vehicles…. Old news sorry, factual… hell yes. I know it’s the learning curve…. It’s hard to get worked up about something I processed long ago. I am being impatient, I am aware…….. There are so many newbies waking up right now it’s hard to get excited about old discoveries.

DHS ramping up to go to war with its own citizens, old news sorry. The real story should be how the rat bastards are using the proxy to do their dirty work, and of course we should not forget the lack of Liar Keepers not doing their jobs to keep the citizens of this nation from the over reach of its facist leaders.

Oath…. What frigging Oath? We have one shot left prior to things getting real hot, sadly I do not have much faith…… If by the grace of God a few Liar Keeper politicians grow a pair and decide to muster together a coup d’état inside of the Grand Old Party…….. I can daydream every now and again.

A Coup……. has a nice ring to it, does it not?  Sarah Palin……. Rand Paul? I suppose just as in any other formula ,all the ingredients in the soup pot must be just right. The main ingredient in the black caldron must be the support of the American people, yes I know I am day dreaming again. Are the numbers there yet to support a Coup? First the GOP would have to be taken back and then the battle lines with the Marxists would have to be drawn up.

The rat bastards of The Grand Old Party would not go down with out a fight, sadly they have already joined the ranks of the Marxists. Make zero mistakes about it, our enemies are from both sides of the aisle. Coup…… it keeps slipping off my tongue this morning, it does have a nice refreshing taste on the palate……. might even say it tastes a little like chicken…… I digress.

The bull dyke is asking for more ammo…. good! I have a few toys that eat 40 cal. Oh how I crave to read the future history books…….. Yet it’s too soon to write the story, far too many pieces of the puzzle need to fall into place, have you been to Facebook lately? Again there goes that faith issue again. seems I am plum empty at the moment.

Too dark…  too sarcastic this morning? You bet! Of course if the discussion was to ever leap ahead of the learning curve and breakfast was served with a side order of Putsch …. well then you might have my attention. Until then I will continue to observe the braying in the pastures.

4 thoughts on “SIDE ORDER OF PUTSCH

  1. Never ceases to amaze me that people haven’t heard this shit before.
    Oathbreakers – My local sheriff. We’ll see how loyal he is to his oath when the feds threaten to cut his funding and training budget because he disagrees with them.

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