We live in shit times, I suppose things have to get better. After all the divine would not allow the USA to fold…. Would He? It is all very interesting, does your blood pump faster through your veins with the understanding of the implications of the period we reside in? It Should!

Local….Local…..Local!  I was very disappointed to see the interest of meeting on the 19th diminish. There is no one person to blame. It wasnt meant to be, it’s really that simple. What is more important is your Locale and what you are doing to shore up commodities. No I will not go into detail on the definition of future commodities, it’s far too rudimentary.

People are a very important commodity, this lesson was learned the hard way. Never forget another hard lesson…… Most people suck and their agendas trump your agenda. Do not be naïve, the human condition can be black as a lump of coal. Some of this will change for the better…….. When the rules change because the universe decides it’s time to shake things up a bit…… The rules and the play book automatically change – SMILE

Deceit, greed, backbiting and all things concerning the human condition will be scripted much differently in the future, look at how gangs operate in their AO, now understand how the mafia operates to this day. Yes it is very barbaric and cruel. Understand how the US Government operates…… Yes very barbaric and cruel.

Here is a quote from the latest piece the Dog Poet has written:

“Generally, except in extraordinary times, the general population cannot be brought to a state of awareness, concerning what is under discussion here. Ergo, those blessed, as the result of good karma, with some degree of awakened awareness, must seek each other out and find collective shelter, at some remove, from the radical transformations that are fast approaching in the death of the age. The writing on the wall is enhanced by events, occurring ‘off the wall’. The force of exposure is sweeping across the landscape.”


Recently I was reminded of Cliff High’s work at Half Past Human, I have read his reports for the past 2-3 years…….. His timing was generally wrong, but in the end he was spot on.

The divine has never stopped evil in the past, why should this change now? It’s not to say I am not a believer in a higher being, because I am. I am merely pointing out…… God does not change evil and how it is implemented on this spinning rock, humans are creatures of wickedness, you had best never forget this little pearl of wisdom.


  1. I hadn’t even heard yet that King’s Mountain had been canceled. Very disappointing, indeed. Was looking forward to meeting some new folks and seeing some from Mercer again.

      • I can’t speak for everyone but I know at least a few of us are interested. I hate to sound negative but if people can’t take a weekend to get together and make things happen, what does that say for down the road when things get real?

  2. I was disappointed too by the lack of participation at the II Congress site. I am still willing to go. We are down to three members who can make it, and have taken time off work to do so. The rest of my folks just don’t have the finances to make the trip. So if it falls thru, we will just put that money into ammo, more barbed wire and other essentials. Bill when you head this way bring a tent and bag, we got a nice camping spot reserved for ya. Nice view of the Ohio River Valley from a hilltop. Security provided of course. Just let me know when.

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