When and if you see bad press posted on Patriot endeavors, just because it comes from a local government official……… does not make it gospel. I am aware of this tactic being used against the fine folks who will be moving to Idaho. Dirty tricks at best, and it’s pathetic.

Here for an example is a story from Coeur d’ Alene Idaho just down the street from Benewah County. http://www.ktvb.com/news/199967011.html

Folks don’t belive the hype, we all understand just how unstable our elected officials are.

Here is yet another interesting story from the so-called elected officials from Benewah County: http://www.dailypaul.com/235911/benewah-county-idaho-shenanigans

Folks this is still America, do as you please. The locals in Benewah County and surrounding areas have been trying to stave off ” the so-called outsiders” for decades. When I lived there the big fear was ” The Californians”  Yes the Californians were moving to N. Idaho in droves…. driving up property values and taxes…..oh god halllllp us!

Same old bag of tricks that has been going on for 30 plus years, don’t forget there is a very large LDS population in N. Idaho, I also lived in Provo Utah. Yes the Pure as driven snow Mormons, I have to wonder if anyone can see my smirk?

I had the great opportunity to work at the Coeur d’ Alene Resort, it was a magnificent place, I also remember the locals hated it, they also hated the outsiders and the Developer Mr. Duane Hagadone http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duane_Hagadone

He was a powerful man, yet he took the time for every one of his employees, he was a very gentle soul. I was asked just before leaving the area to be his steward for his private jet, I was young and still wanted to travel…. I declined the offer.

I met some really nice people from the area, N. Idaho and its local inhabitants are not unlike any other facet of our society, closed-minded and they tend to forget they were outsiders at one point and time. Of course if you do not belive me go ask the Coeur d’ Alene Indians, I bet they would have something to say about so called outsiders. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coeur_d’Alene_people

There are a few ” I Can Count To Sausage” types running around taking the local resistance out of context, yes Wirecutter just did a piece on one of them, a sick bunch indeed. Yes there is local resistance, but it has nothing to do with Sam and company. It has everything to do with old prejudices and religion.

intellectual honesty is a very difficult thing to come across these days. IT’S STILL AMERICA.

Here is a picture of Lake Coeur d’ Alene:
















Did you notice just how pristine the water is, you can see the bottom of the lake it’s so clear, the wood debris are from the old logging days of the region. I remember as a young man standing at the lakes edge and watching Mr. Callender  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marie_Callender’s  land his helicopter to pick my father up for a golf outing or lunch.

It’s a beautiful place to live and raise your kids. Folks don’t sweat the ” I can count to sausage” types.

3 thoughts on “I CAN COUNT TO SAUSAGE

  1. Is the ” old prejucices & religion ” against or for the Mormons in the Citadel ‘s acrerage ?

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