George Thank You!


I sent a e-mail to George Ure over at Urban Survival, to request ad rates at his site, George sent me a reply stating he would give me a mention this week.

Free Plug Dept.

“Some nice folks (a little further up the road, but still in East Texas) were wondering about ad prices for their “Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed And Products” which specializes in non-GMO (open pollinated) heirloom seeds.

“Just the thing you want if you’re looking for what to grow in your MyGroPonics system this year.   Use caution in Kansas, though!”

I am going to pay this forward, I would also like to pay forward to all the fine folks that have placed a link on their site and have supported this endeavor. There are far too many to even try to track and list. Thank you all!

I need some help with this, if you know someone who can not afford garden seed, either for this year or to put up for safekeeping. E-mail me at  and Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed will give enough garden seed for five deserving families to grow their gardens for two years.

Just send me a short note and an address to ship the seed to. Times are tough right now…. This is not a contest or a give away, it could be someone in your family or a neighbor. It could be a prepper fallen on hard times that needs to add some garden seed to their preps.

Thank You all again!

Bill Nye / Jebahdiah Fisher Garden Seed

2 thoughts on “George Thank You!

  1. Wow. What a great gesture. How cool can you be Bill. Give a chance to be independent and save a life for free? That is a great idea. It would be nice just to see the end product that you are providing.
    Thanks Bill.
    Papa Mike

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