It should be very clear at this juncture, the fork taken was certainly the wrong path.

How about a ” Save Your Ass Program”

Be butchered or be the butcher. Men have washed blood from their hands for thousands of years….. This is not a new concept. It occurs daily today, yet instead of a knife it’s done with a key stroke.

My how we have evolved, butchered or be the butcher, there is a fine line of understanding when to cross that line.  How is your Save Your Ass Program Going?

Yes I am aware…….. The butcher gets his hands dirty, and today there is zero guarantees…… Because someone might steal the head cheese? How will you know when the time is right to wrap the laces around your apron? Spark… Ignition, folly folks!

You are far behind, if you are waiting for the spark, the flames are currently doing their minuet. Prep, plan and tribe up.

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