Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed BANNER DESIGN


I need some help with a banner design for Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed, any takers?

Can’t really say too much at this point…….. received a phone call from a very well-known company that wants to carry my garden seed on their on-line store, a major player, this has nothing to do with the banner. It’s a tough decision, if I do it my life will probably never be the same again, and I am not sure if that’s what I want.

Jebadiah Fisher Garden seed would be aired nation wide, radio and I suppose TV. I have to go into contract negotiations today, they want my Patriot Seed Package and The Black Buggy Seed Package……. They understand no one is selling as inexpensively as I am.

I have to give price points today, that’s a problem, they keep my same prices, and I have to come down on my end to allow for their OH&P. It would be like working for Wal-Mart, but the name recognition is where you win with something like this.

I could use some 2 cents on this one.

9 thoughts on “Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed BANNER DESIGN

  1. I wish I knew somebody who could whip up some crappy graphics for you. He’d probably have to know what kinda theme, colors, text, and the size of the banner. If I ever run into a guy like that, I’d let you know. 😉

    Good luck. Sounds like this is taking off!

      • If that fits into your original intent and serves it, then, there’s your answer. If not, well, only you can answer that. Good luck, whatever you decide.

        • A fair shake on heirloom garden seed was and always will be the business model. Prices have not changed. Trying to understand where the business will or will not be from month to month……

  2. I’m sure you realize it’s all a trade-off. In exchange for market exposure, you’re giving up control.
    As has been said, it’s your decision. Are these people I can trust in the long run, would be my deciding factor.
    I know some people who do a lot of conservative graphics, cartoons, mashups, etc for sites like I Own The World, Maser media, and so forth. If you’re interested, I can put you in touch. Let me know.

  3. Congratulations, if you do decide to take it Bill. I’m happy to see this venture working out for you either way. Keep up the great work!

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