I really hate all of this spying bullshit, I really do! Hey Janet and company why not just call me, I have nothing to hide. I promise I will answer. I can be reached at 936-537-5556. Yes I am aware you already have that intel, just in case you misplaced it. Yes I am a Veteran too, a highly pissed off one at that.



You would think these folks would have something better to do, here’s an idea……. Why not go spy on all the illegals you allow into our nation, or better yet go spy on your fellow criminals at the Justice Department.

2 thoughts on “SPIES ARE US

  1. Yep, they got YOUR number Bill. Better be real skeert.
    LOL, said it before and will say it again, fuck e’m.
    Sent you some pics of some of our visitors, check your email.

  2. They haven’t found my new digs yet. Nothing much to see there anyway. I only got one spy snooping around my business…

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