I have changed directions with Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed, I have decided to turn down the offer from….. Can’t mention the name, sorry. I would have been all over the radio and possibly TV ads, I instead have decided to partner with a smaller company that seems a better fit for my small company.

The reason that I can’t mention the company that wanted to sell my products….. Well discretion is always best, alpha males tend to dislike losing, it would have created issues. The value of the garden seed we offer can’t be beat, this has come to the attention of some very big movers and shakers in the patriot-prepper community.

I am now at a juncture that I have to do some advertising, I was basically shut down within most of the preparedness sites, my e-mails are not being returned, no tears here! I must admit I was very excited when I was contacted and made an offer from said entity, after about 24 hours I was able to figure out why such a big boy would want to sell my product on his medium.

Perhaps at a latter date I might regret it, who knows…. Time will tell. I feel very comfortable with the company I will be working with, when the time is right I will make the announcements with the proper links.

Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed will now be exposed to millions of people per month, in a very appropriate medium. The offer I will be turning down had an audience of millions per day. I would have had to grow the company well past its limitations.

Thank you to all that have supported our efforts, please keep in mind we are still a very, very small company…… as it was intended. I now have to ratchet up a more appropriate packaging program for the seed packages, although I still like the plain packaging I was using. It’s all good… just a natural progression that I had procrastinated over.


4 thoughts on “SEED NEWS

  1. It’s a good thing that you decided to go with your heart on the deal. Bigger isn’t always necessarily better. Not to mention, word of mouth is still a good sales tactic, even in the digital age. Best of luck either way!
    Josh R.

  2. Ditto to both the 2 above posters…think and hope you made the right decision, only time will tell…too fast growth can inflict some growing pains that can take the business down. I did a double order from you today because I like dealing with someone local or someone I know over a corp big-ass company…even if prices sometimes are a bit higher…Yours are damn sure fair prices, but the heirloom, non-GMO seeds was also a deciding factor….looking forward to a bountiful harvest….good luck and stay safe….tick tock

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