I started the Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed Company about 65 days ago, in that very short time span a lot has transpired, it has been a whirl wind experience. I think the part I enjoy the most is receiving phone calls from folks from all around the country.

Our google ranking has done very well in two short months, mind you with very little SEO.

If I Google the term “Bulk Garden Seed”  JFGS is on page #1, and if you were to do a Goggle search for “Garden Seed” JFGS lands on page #4, not as good but for 60 days, I will take it.

I have not mentioned my competitors pricing, since starting my company, even though I have the outlet of this blog at my disposal to do so if I wished, but I haven’t. It would be rather easy to demonstrate just how much my competitors are charging.

Sometimes in life a opprotunity will present itself, yesterday that rare event occurred, now that others have breached the door, I have to ask myself why not? As long as it is in the correct context and fair. I received a comment on this article ” Hanging Judges”

The comment was a link to this. And by the way it is some stellar information, I would highly recommend downloading and saving. I approved the comment and link, even though it does have contact information for a few of my competitors….. fair play!

Then I clicked the author of the comment, this is his website,  I have no reason to believe it was done out of malice, he was probably just passing on the information to me….. fair play!

So now that the door has been broached…… shall we do a few price comparisons? Now keep in mind these types of seed companies are not on the high-end of the pricing spectrum, one should consider their prices fair, they are not SEED PIMPS.

Let us see just how my prices measure up to theirs with a high-end seed ( Tomato ) and a low-end seed ( Bush Bean), I will use the exact variety of seed…… fair play! I also decided to add the Watermelon…. fair play!


Tomato Mortgage Lifter  One gram or 0.035274oz for $8.65  his 1 ounce price would be $242.00 don’t forget to add the shipping, his 1 pound price would be $3,872.00 don’t forget to add the shipping.

Royal Burgundy Bush Bean 2.5 pounds $15.56 don’t forget to add the shipping, Guaranteed Ground of $11.45 ( this is similar to how I ship ) Total: $27.10 or $10.84 average for the 1 pound price shipped….. not a bad price.

Watermelon Sugar Baby 1 ounce $6.15 don’t forget to add the shipping, his 4 ounce price would be $24.60 don’t forget to add the shipping. His 1 pound price would be $98.40 don’t forget to add the shipping.


Tomato Mortgage Lifter Packets contain approximately 20 seeds unless otherwise noted. $2.25 / There is approx 10,000 seeds in one once of tomato seed. His 1 ounce price would be…..$1,125.00 Don’t forget to add the shipping / WOW his 1 pound price would be $18,000 US Dollars

Royal Burgundy Bush Bean  2 ounces $3.30 / one pound price $26.40 don’t forget to add the shipping of $12.65 total 1 pound price including shipping …….$39.05, his 4 ounce price including shipping is $14.10

Watermelon Sugar Baby 4 grams for $4.95 his 1 ounce price would be $34.65 don’t forget to add the shipping. His 4 ounce price would be $138.60 don’t forget to add the shipping. His 1 pound price would be $554.40

Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed

Tomato Mortgage Lifter 1 ounce price shipping included $36.00. Bulk pricing. 1/4 of an ounce for $12.50 shipping included, my 1 pound price would be $576.00 shipping is included.

Royal Burgundy Bush Bean  4 ounce price $6.96 shipping included – Bulk price of 1 pound $10.00 shipping is included.

Watermelon Sugar Baby 4 ounce pricing $10.30 shipping is included. 1 pound Bulk pricing $23.25 shipping is included.

Granted these other companies do offer a great variety, this is something we at Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed are trying to improve. As the company grows so will its product line.

5 thoughts on “GARDEN SEED PRICING

  1. No malice for certain. I saw on your post about saving seeds and I have been passing this resource around. I have heard of Jebediah Fisher seed company, but had no idea that you were that entity. My apologies.

  2. It’s awesome to see this really take off. Good on ya, brother.

    FWIW I placed an order for the Black Buggy package. Maine’s still thawing out, but I’m definitely anxious to start as soon as possible. Just last year I had the backyard tilled. Grandparents had a garden there a long time back. It sat fallow for two decades, and this past summer it managed to have an impressive yield for a roughly 8′ by 14′ foot area.

    Here’s to hoping for a good season. Gonna try for some blueberries and strawberries as well this time.

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