As the storm clouds continue to form….. Can you feel the electricity in the air? Are you really prepared for the upcoming reindeer games? The caskets, the casualties, the maimed bodies, butchery has no pleasant side affects.

Will we ever be told the TRUTH about Boston? Was it a salvo? Innocents always pay a very high price in the butchery process, none the less it is and has always been a game of which side can tolerate the blood-letting the longest.

It is not always about even playing fields, but rather who can withstand the flow of blood into the gutter the longest. We really do not have easy access to the civilian casualty reports from Iraq and Afghanistan. Apparently in the game of chicken……. The American Public pulled a hard left on the steering wheel, while the insurgents mashed the gas pedal…. Full speed ahead…. Allahu Akbar.

Interesting times…… Interesting that the bombs where not detected, interesting that the DHS failed a major test… Regardless of WHO was testing them. They failed miserably, regardless of the pending possible outcomes. You see if it was a Black Flag or home-grown Tomatoes………. The butchery card will still be played. The pending possible outcomes are one in the same….. More power seized and an ever-growing jack booted presence in our daily lives.

The importance of yesterdays events are slowing sinking in among a select few. I can’t tell you much about 3rd or 4th gen warfare……….. Yet what I can tell you is the butcher is in town and he checked into the motel six………. We will leave a light on for you.

The Butcher has his thumb on the scale, and his apron is filthy. The scales of justice have been broken for a really long time. The soup du jour?……….. You guessed it, Blood Soup. Welcome to the motel six…. we will leave a light on for you. Roll Tape….. News at 5:00.

3 thoughts on “SOUP DU JOUR?

  1. Very interesting take Bill. The truth is too powerful to be told by those who know it would reveal their actions, and that would put a big dent in their wool shearing… When the truth is displayed for all to see, the power lever is taken away, and the super cool grown up spy drop out floor to a snake filled pit doesn’t work anymore. We are in Oz my friend, and getting back to the Milo fields of Kansas is a brutal pipe dream. Something tells me that Tom Bodet isn’t at the motel 6 you’re taking about. My soup of the day is cold and there is a fly in it. Waiter? Who over at DHS head shed do I need to talk to about why the frick these bombs weren’t detected? I was under the impression that after oh I don’t know, 12 YEARS of being beaten over the brow with “Terror” we’d have gotten it right by now. I have to say I’m no more scared now than I was September 11th, 2001. I’ve become numb to attempts of cage rattling. The boogeyman isn’t real and the lochness monster is actually a submarine with Bigfoot and Chupacabra behind the controls.. Fear is a mind killer, and that is their goal. You can’t scare something that is not afraid, no matter how much they flair up like a little ole’ bantam rooster with their tactics. I don’t even know what to criticize anymore, the stupidity of the power brokers, or the idiocy of the terrorist mind. What does blowing up innocent people do? It provides an installation of fear for all of those who come after to pick up the pieces. They are a brutal and graphic reminder that somebody somewhere doesn’t like somebody else and how they do things somewhere. I use Hallmark cards personally. They just have that special way of letting someone know how you really feel with less explosions ya know? My terrorism awareness training has made me very skeptical of anything that happens like this now-a-days. They’ve said it’s not a terrorist attack and now it could be terrorist related.. Let’s call it an undocumented detonation for the Associated Press’s sake here.. You know, since we need to be sensitive to other people’s feelings as we step in huge piles of unicorn shit. I’ve always enjoyed your graphics. They aren’t what typical people see daily. It’s nice to have a change in aesthetics. The Fallout New Vegas is my favorite. Got bottle caps or a Nuka-Cola laying around, ha! As always, your friend in Hardin County remains incredibly sarcastic. Have a swell day sir.

  2. From what I hear…..there even was a bomb sniffing K-9 on the scene. k
    But this can be the start of terrible things to come down on this country. Just think if that was a “dirty bomb”?
    Papa Mike

  3. Quite frankly, none of it matters. Not the who, the what, or the why. We know that it is just a matter of time before the games come to an arena near you. Then we will do what people have done since the beginning of time. We will fight. We will die, they will die, but some of us will live and hopefully it will be the good that wins…..but it won’t matter either because it’s the dance of Mankind, to be danced over and over until the end of time.

    Depressing? Meh. Perhaps, but true. That, my friends is why you take the good moments when you can, because it’s all we have. Everything else is illusion.

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