The Emperor’s New Clothes And The Hors d’oeuvre Tray


FEMA vehicles spotted in Waco the day prior to the explosion, then re-spotted at the scene. We also have the video from Boston, yes the spooks in the crowd were very easy to spot……. just prior to the big boom……..boom.

I am reminded recently of just how accurate the Web Bot reports were. You do remember the web spiders? That’s right most of the crowd poo pooed it as wu-ju. I bet the few that still have the ability to be intellectually honest…….. Are shaking their heads in disbelief now?

The world is changing, it has been for some time. Paradigms are being rattled and tested. Are you ready for the ride? We are not talking about your daddy’s bump in the night of the 50’s or 60’s….. The upcoming merry-go-round, is not for the faint of heart.

But what do I know? Food, preps… ammo, now that’s a hoot….. ammo, got any? How are you going to eat? What are you going to eat? Donner party of 87 your table is ready…… It’s OK they say it tastes like chicken……. No not chicken of the sea, chicken à la King.

I could do a shameless promotion of my garden seed……. Perhaps tomorrow. But what will you eat? Never grown a garden? But what will you eat?

Conspiracy? Wu-Ju? Or just the universe re-aligning as it does every couple of thousands of years? Regardless, the spinning rock is going to shake off some fleas.

Cell phones jammed in Boston… Yet the phone companies deny they had anything to do with it…. Enter stage left….. spooks. Electrical sub-stations and underground fiber optic cables being attacked…… Revolution? Anonymous? 4Chan? Rouge Patriots?

Enter stage right……. Your perception turned upside down. Alex Jones has his bullhorn and Uncle Sugar has his DHS. Bury your garden seed in my newly designed sewer pipe…… buy it now for $200.00 for 6 ounces of Heirloom Organic seed. Don’t forget the free video of me warning you about the Illuminati and the New World Order……… it’s the Jews don’t you know. An added bonus I will send you an additional six ounces of garden seed for free if you buy my new decoder ring.

Biden wiped a few tears yesterday, Obama pursed his lips….. and the homeland dyke kicked her girlfriend……… It was a monumental loss to the SS, I would highly recommend on holding back the celebrations, keep the candy in the bowl for now, it would be premature to start tossing it around.

The Mob Bosses took a heavy blow yesterday, as stated earlier it is not over, the heavy-handedness will only get worse, soon the pamphleteers will soon pay a price for their hard work. At the Nye compound….. it is just another day. Forward movement, and the smell of gun oil permeating the air……. or it could just be the smell of pig shit, the wind has changed directions.

More progress on the green house, I was able to pick up more pieces for the frame, I bought the hoop house used, it used to be a pen for raising Emu’s, actually I bartered a bang stick for it, and it was incomplete. I also bartered for the geo- fabric.

The AC unit to the house took a dump last week, AC tech arrived and shortly resolved the issue, he looked around my place and asked if I was a prepper……… after he heard my reply he asked if I was willing to barter for his services. AC fixed…….. and one happy AC tech walked away with a fistful of magic bean seed.

More folks are willing to barter these days, it is a very interesting, two years ago…. forget about it, they looked at you like you were a Loon. I am told Loon tastes like chicken.

Tin foil? No my hat is made of straw, and my larder is full of beans and rice. My seed is stockpiled and my gardens are fertilized, matter of fact I bartered a brand new AR-15 last year for 14 loads of compost for my upper garden. The PH is right where it needs to be…….. now.

I have to wonder if the frat boys have smashed their Remington rifles yet? I would never buy…. or use….. or participate……. or move to NY, let alone use pay-pal….. can you see my smirk? Remington and NY are a nice fit, just as is the DHS Dyke and her butch girlfriend she likes to kick around. Or maybe that last line should have been Bwraaaney Fraaaank and his snuggle bunny boyfriend, last time I checked no one went to jail over all that weed that was being grown in their apartment, yes Barney likes to smoke the peace pipe.

Old news for sure but Tony Weiner is making a comeback, interesting. Never mind his in-laws and their connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, smoke and mirrors folks…. smoke and mirrors, forget about it. Weiner Gate…… such a nice Jewish Boy, or did he convert to the religion of Allahu Akbar?

Now back to your regular programing……..PBS and Elmo have a date with the Vatican, yes the Council of Nicaea is throwing a party, apparently it’s a book burning party. I sure hope Elmo brings his eraser and white-out, rumor has it……… it’s a big secret so hush, the address for the party this year will be held in State College, PA.

Emperor Constantine has new clothes and he will be taking your entrée orders.

Joe Paterno and his pal Jerry Sandusky will he hosting the bash this year, may I offer a piece of advice…… When the Hors d’oeuvre tray arrives, stay away from the cocktail wieners.


Just read this from Sam: COPPER, and it reminded me of this,

So I guess I get my shameful plug after all. Got garden seed? I will warn you one time only…….. the prices can not remain this low. There will soon come a time……….. think 22LR ammo. But what do I know?

6 thoughts on “The Emperor’s New Clothes And The Hors d’oeuvre Tray

  1. Hey Bill,
    Just read on Drudge that they’re investigating possible criminal ties to the explosion in Texas right now. Have you heard anything more local about it?
    Josh R.

  2. Seems everything’s a mess these past few days. Christ, what’s tomorrow going to bring? Pretty significant anniversary for quite a few events…

    Black buggy package arrived a couple days ago. I’m very excited to say the least. Hopefully in a couple weeks the greenhouse down the street will be getting in some Jersey blueberries. I’ve been slowly convincing the rents to ditch some of the rose bushes and rhododendrons in favor of something a little more edible. We’ll see what the future holds.

    Regardless, it’ll to be interesting. After the long winter the summer is sure to bring out all the bipedal creepy crawlies, as has already been evidenced in Chicago.

    By the way thank you for linking to Les Visibles blog list. A lot of fascinating reads there.

  3. “There’s no ammonium nitrate reporting on their emergency plan,” an official said, noting that that plan was most recently reviewed by regulators in 2011. – Quote from NY Post article

    I know that nitro/phos/ammonium nitrate are never friends with open flame.

    Interesting discovery indeed…

    Stay focused.

  4. All of which has my eyes and ears pointed toward the sea, looking for the “coastal event”. We have our usual spring “bull tide”, higher than normal tides going on right now, which could make any additional goings on interesting… Got boat?

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