11 thoughts on “WUJU??????

    • I agree with your assessment. It is very similar to smoke cloud gas ignition I’ve seen following sabotage of chemical plants in various locations. The gases in the cloud ignite and “race back” to the source.

      In this case the gas backfire appears to have hit and ignited the standing storage tank of anhydrous ammonia causing the explosion. NORMALLY, exhaust signatures of missiles/rockets are much more compact in intensity and nearer to the size of the engine generating the signatures — this fire seems way too broad and not a compressed exhaust.

      Lord knows I’ve been wrong many times in my life, but this is what I believe we are witnessing in this video.

  1. I ain’t buyin’ the missile theory. Like BG says above, that shit went off like a fuel/air bomb. The entire area around that inferno was probably chock full of flammable vapors, and when it got to critical mass….ka-boom.

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  3. I would agree with Bonnie. There were more likely areas of the plant that were affected by the initial blast with flamable materials that were being carried by wind and thermals (stratification), and once these materials found an ignition source, ignited and followed the material cloud back to the source. One of the main ingrediants used in fertilizer in Anhydrous Ammonia. Very toxic and flamable.

  4. According to this “Patriot”(http://muccings.blogspot.com), he has no problem with the police state lockdown of Boston, on the 237th anniversary of Lexington and Concord.

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    “The Asymmetrical Warfare of Islam…”
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    cavmedic68w said…
    Also, it’s damn frustrating, and disturbing, that so many in the
    community(who should know better) have jumped on the bandwagon of infotainment drama this has been since the beginning.
    While being completely oblivious to the military/federal/police lockdown of Boston, by the blatant violation of posse comitatus, fourth amendment, Bill of Rights, God given birthright to freedom, privacy, and defense of self, family
    and friends; by any means necessary.
    7:59 PM
    Gerardo Moochie said…
    And WITHOUT the extraordinary presence and action of ALL law enforcement, this Islamic terrorist might have never been caught.

    If I lived anywhere NEAR that neighborhood I would be very thankful and appreciative of any type of law enforcement presence, military or otherwise.

    One thing people like yourself ignore or are otherwise ignorant of: Islam has declared war on the infidel. I don’t know if you are an infidel or not. I am. And I appreciate the need for the military to join in defense of the infidel in this country when we are attacked by any Muslim whose objective and actions are to terrorize and weaken us.

  5. Historians claim that perhaps 3 percent of Colonists took arms and fought the British.Today, I am not sanguine that we have 3% of any subgroup in America willing to fight for Liberty.But the title still represents that will, that mettle, grit and spirit to live as free men in a genuine state of Liberty.By any means necessary.The arms of the Militiaman are the birthright of every American, for use as needed to defend our unalienable Rights.Those who would be our Masters, those who insist upon infringing upon our Liberty are enemies of the republic and of humanity.We will resist with ballots or bullets.The choice is yours.

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