“Live Free Or Die” Garden Seed Package












I have a project in the works that will require some funding. I am thinking about offering a bulk garden seed package. Folks we are talking about a “COMMUNITY” Seed Package.

Think Citidal, or Amish. It would weigh in the hundreds of pounds. I could custom the package any way I wanted. The premise would be simple, think GOLD. All you need is the freezer space.

You could use the seed for bartering purposes. And yes we are also talking great discounts. Please keep in mind this would be a private sale, cash if you wish. Your groups privacy will be respected. Shipping can be handle many ways, I would even consider a personal delivery.

I have sold a few already, these were private sales, hundreds of pounds were in these packages. I am merely testing the water to see if there is any traction for a very large Garden seed Package for groups or communities.

What is done with the seed after it is purchased is your business. If you want to use it to barter or to trade or even re-sale. Or for long-term storage. I can help with the data on the long-term storage.

Serious inquiries only.

Any feed back would be appreciated.



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