Home Grown Tomatoes


The executive branch along with the Justice department has decided the living Allahu Akbar will not be charged as an Enemy Combatant, no instead he was or will be mirandized and charged as a US Citizen. Now hold on…… before the blustering starts, think about this for a moment.

Home Grown Tomatoes….. The Living Allahu Akbar will be charged as a domestic home grown terrorist. Ahhhhhhh it just fits so nicely into the evil genius plan.

Back a few years ago, there was a big dust up that Monsanto had purchased XE, formally known as Blackwater. It seems it was very difficult to prove the purchase, yet what can be proven is the working relationship between the two.



Now we have the signing of the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’

Buried 78 pages within the bill exists a provision that grossly protects biotech corporations such as the Missouri-based Monsanto Company from litigation.

We also recently discussed pursed lips and shedding of a few tears, as the mobsters were shut down by their own thugs Harry Reid and company in the Senate. The Bill was supposed to pass the Senate and logic would dictate it would then fail in the House, it was intended to be political fodder to shed more negative light on the GOP prior to the mid-term elections.

This did not happen… remember I warned, do not start passing out the candy just yet.

As David Codrea reports:


The mirandizing of the Living Allahu Akbar is strategic, more than most will ever know or want to admit……

Tamerlan Tsarnaev reportedly listened to the conspiracist radio host Alex Jones.

And now we have Bwwanneee Frank with this………


Home Grown Tomatoes Folks………


They are coming for you and me….. make zero mistakes about it. We are in trouble, very big trouble. We are dealing with a collapse of sanity in our nations capital. Blood will be spilled, it shall flow into the gutters as it was intended.

If you have not started to prepare….. Your mind and your preps…… You stand zero chances. Garden seed is still cheap if you know where to go. http://jebadiahfishergardenseed.com/Home.html

I would highly suggest the lessons learned……. be just that.

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