Which Side Will Be Marched Off To The Gulags












We have a New Hampshire state legislator making wild accusations and the POTUS wife celebrating in the hospital room with a Saudi National.


The Homeland Security Bull Dyke appears to have a mouthful of marbles as she TRIED to answer some tough questions yesterday. Folks there are sometimes no words to describe the surreal existence we seem to live in these days.

Sadly I have had to wrap my gray matter around some very serious issues facing our nation and its people…. It’s not a very pretty picture. It’s early at the Nye Compound, the moon is full and I can hear my neighbors driving down the dirt road on their daily journey to fight the big city traffic.

I normally do not link to news reported on Drudge, for a very simple reason……. Everyone else is regurgitating his links, I will make the exception this morning. The Shrub seems to think his younger brother needs to make a run at the White House in 2016.

News flash dumbass …….. I could use Matt’s flashing strobes at a moment like this….. The Bush Dynasty is over! I will even make this prediction…… He and his daddy will face a tribunal for high crimes against America, its people and its Constitution. There is still a Universe and it works in wonderous and mysterious ways. We only need to remind ourselves that we have no control over the Karma Train and her schedule.

Remember folks ………..”Stop throwing the Constitution in my face,” Bush screamed back. “It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”

I have to snicker to myself…… Karma is a fucking bitch. Jeb keep your sorry ass down there in Florida, and by the way, haul Karl Rove’s fat ass down there with you. We recently had a dust-up with the Tea Party wonder boy Rand. Hey Rand shut the fuck up and sit your sorry ass down.

You flip-flopping son of a cur dog bitch. Harsh words? You bet your ass! And this dick wad will look gorgeous in an Orange Jumper with matching wrist and ankle shackles. http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2013/03/17/karl-rove-snaps-back-at-sarah-palin/

Sorry folks the Grand Old Party will not save us! We are really going to have to think outside of the box… Better yet break the box into tinder and burn it to the ground, and rebuild from its ashes. http://readersupportednews.org/news-section2/320-80/13778-icelands-economy-growing-after-arresting-corrupt-bankers

We can hypothesise until we are blue in the face……… The prisons need to be emptied out. Set all the low-lying fruit free from the back assed and failed war on drugs, and then fill the prisons to the brim with politicians and bankers, if we run out of room…….. Find the nearest strong Oak Limb.

Make sure you leave just enough room for the Bull Dyke and her mother Janet Reno. After the smoke clears and the dead are buried, we will need to consider national monuments to remind the future generations of Americans of the consequences and the price paid to re-gain our liberties and natural rights.

Do not count on the history books, lessons learned…. The hard way.

How on earth are we ever going to rid ourselves of the Marxists and the Communists ( some dare say Fascists ) from our society? They are not going to volunteer…… Hell they have infiltrated the White House, and the Congress, no need to mention what is taking place on the state level.

For America to survive………. Justice will need to prevail, hands will also need to drip with blood, the sturdy oak limbs will need to bend from the heavy weight. No it’s not a pretty picture……. as I stated…… They will not volunteer to leave. THEY WILL HAVE TO BE REMOVED BY FORCE. And get this fact straight right now, they will not go into the court rooms and prisons without putting up a fight.

Need I remind you…….. Obama was re-elected for a second term. The apparatus in place that supports the Marxists will also need to be destroyed, that so-called apparatus is your neighbors, your cousins……. Fellow Americans. Yes it will be a pseudo Civil War and Revolution.

Make sure you also understand this point………. Do not think for one moment that victory is guaranteed. Because it is not. The ending to the story very well might be, you and I locked up in those prisons or gulags. We are not in the position of strength at the moment…….. as it was designed and intended.


One thought on “Which Side Will Be Marched Off To The Gulags

  1. Yes they will have to be removed by force. They know it. Which explains all the security apparatus they have surrounded themselves with…

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