The Cook…. The Thief….. and His Wife


Things are getting better? There is a silver lining? Happy days are here again? Not so fast Batman.

Let us take a gander at some news concerning the New Farm Bill Budget that gets allocated every five years.

The result, he said, is that crop insurance has become more of a farm income
support program than a system that protects farmers in times of disasters like
the 2012 drought.

But… but….. but… Bill it’s America’s Farmers, how could you?  Hang on for a moment we are not done yet. This post is not about me bashing FREE SHIT ARMY, you all know and understand my position…. I have on numerous occasions made it quite SPARKLING clear.

Instead todays thoughts have more to do with duplicity and why the grass eaters refuse to do much about their own quagmires.

So…… we have a hypothetical family member that has climbed the proverbial corporate ladder at a big fortune 500 company, he now lives in his McMansion all 4,000 glorious square feet, with brand new furniture to boot. New car, new truck, four-wheeler in the garage. Three beautiful kids and lovely wife.

On occasion I would try to impart my perceived wisdom on the young man, no such luck. No Bill….. It’s all the fault of the Free Shit Army living on my tax money. They are ruining the nation. I have worked hard for my goodies, and earned every last penny.

Many occasions I have warned this young man to prep, buy guns and ammo, of course he could not possibly part with that hard-earned paycheck for some silly nonsense. Recently the McMansion residents decided they needed protection for the new McMansion……. God almighty guns are too expensive and we can’t find ammo.

So the McMansion’s declared to all the family members that they decided to buy a shotgun because it will ward off intruders when they hear the “kashink” of the shotgun chambering a round. Can you see my smirk?

I suppose when food becomes an issue, I might just hear the McMansions state….. Eating dirt is good for you because it makes the stomach growls go away.

The hypothetical family member happens to work at a major grocery chain in the distribution sector, I have tried to explain in the past….. “your paycheck and McMansion is bought and paid for by the US Tax Payer”. Gawwwwdddddd Bill have you lost your mind? I presented the facts as I saw them, in regards to how much said grocery chain takes in food stamps.

So his eyes start to glaze over and I get that look……. I also get the ” I am a Christian” speech, and how he one day will meet the baby jesus at the pearly gates, granted this hypothetical family member happens to be one of the individuals that stated things will never get as bad as I say.

Here is a direct quote ” OBAMA WILL NEVER GET RE-ELECTED” I stated hook or crook the man will stay seated, he might even see a third term, eyes glaze over once again.


Key findings about corporate lobbying on SNAP:

• Powerful food industry lobbying groups teamed up to oppose health-oriented improvements to SNAP

• The food industry also joined forces with anti-hunger groups to lobby against SNAP improvements

• Companies such as Cargill, PepsiCo, and Kroger lobbied Congress on SNAP, while also donating money to America’s top anti-hunger organizations

• At least nine states have proposed bills to make health-oriented improvements to SNAP, but none have passed, in part due to opposition from the food industry

• Coca-Cola, the Corn Refiners of America, and Kraft Foods all lobbied against a Florida bill that aimed to disallow SNAP purchases for soda and junk food


The grocery store chain lobbied Congress on SNAP and WIC funding in 2011, according to a June 2012 report, called “Food Stamps: Follow the Money.” Kroger is one of the many leading food retailers that benefits from food stamp expansions, according to the report

The federal government spent a staggering 71.8 billion dollars on the food stamp program in 2011.

Now I pose this question…… How will we ever take America back? If the McMansions and the corporations also have their fingers in the pie? Tell me the McMansions do not have a vested interest to see the Chocolate Chip in a third term?

Stick a fork in her……….. she is done.

Will the McMansions voluntarily give up the spacial 4,000 square foot bungalow’s and new cars for Principle? For love of Country? Will America’s New wealthy class give it back? Or will they continue to sock it away into their private slush funds? While the patriots continue to suffer and their quality of life diminishes.

What is an American today?


Can you hear the chanting? I can’t…… all I can hear is the counting of the money, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600. But, but, but, Bill I am a christian and the baby jesus…….. You get it, I am sure. Yes it’s all about the baby jesus. He wants you to count those stacks of 100 dollar bills in your slush fund, all the while you complain about the chocolate jesus and how he is ruining the country, and all of the niggers and mexicans sucking up your hard earned money.

Duplicity……………………………………..and America is dead!

A tree rots from the top …….. down.

6 thoughts on “The Cook…. The Thief….. and His Wife

  1. I like to picture Jesus as a figure skater. He wears like a white outfit, and He does interpretive ice dances of my life’s journey. But seriously, take a nice long toke and have a laugh while we watch this American Hindenburg come blazing into the ground. It’s been a fun ride folks. Got seed? Got Tribe? Got no fear in your heart to kill as many of these fucking parasitic bastards as you can when the time comes? GOOD. It’s too late to stop it now…

  2. You ought to hear the government workers go on anti-government rants. According to every government worker I’ve talked to, every other government worker is a waste of taxpayer’s money but THEY are necessary to the proper functioning of government.

    It just leaves you scratching your head in wonder.

  3. Meeting Jesus at the pearly gates sometime in the future doesn’t have fuckall to do with the present down-the-shitter condition of the country, the hypothetical family member doesn’t have a good understanding of current events or history, obviously. But the hypothetical family member wouldn’t agree to look at the reality if a thumb drive was plugged directly into the brain. Too bad for them.

  4. Meeting Jesus at the gates doesn’t have fuckall to do with the reality of the country going down the shitter, your hypothetical family member will learn that the hard way.

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