In Death We Are All The Same


Yesterday I addressed Iron Triangles, and the current state of affairs. The system is imploding, the structural damage has already been implemented. You will not always see the termites, prior to the timbers failing.

In death we are all the same, It was said recently that I only regurgitate what the frat boys already know and understand. It matters not…… Because in death we are all the same. I spoke of the awakening cattle, as the sleep is being wiped from ones eyes, it does not necessarily grant wisdom. No the wisdom comes with time and much humility. I only ask the frat boys to be patient…….. Perhaps with time  just as a fine single malt……. their wisdom will come. Or Not.

The aforementioned members of the fraternity seem to feel guys like Sam Kerodin should not publicly state the truth, quiet whispers in dark closets in the fetal position, with ones fat thumb inserted into the suck, would be the preferred method.

I happen to disagree, the hard realities need to be discussed publicly. Yet what do I know……. I am not a card-carrying member of the fraternity, I find zero pleasure in dissecting the frog until it’s a gelatinous spot on the stainless steel table top. Far too messy for my delicate disposition. Can you see my smirk?

The most powerful tool ever used to create massive structural change in a society or nation……..Disruptive and catastrophic, yet effective, is a single bullet. SINGLE.


To change a nation incrementally and to cause just as much structural damage, to mortally wound a standing Republic….. Can also be accomplished with finesse, just like dancing the minuet with the Diablo.

Local, local, local. Wipe the sleep…………. The wisdom you yearn for, takes time and it take patience. The universe works in mysterious ways, be a patient and gentle lover to her.

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