Former communist Mike Vanderboegh has relented and kissed the Godfathers hand.

Many, many , many nuances. Listen and watch. So the Liar Keepers are allowing Che to kiss their hand. Watch as Che works the crowd, yet watch the body language of Rhodes.

Also watch Vanderboegh’s body language as he is being introduced. Watch his eye movement….. the blinking, also look closely at Rhodes as he sits back down after the introduction, watch what he does with his hands and the pen.

Then Pay close attention to the guy sitting next to Rhodes. Then at the 3:29 mark watch as Che discusses how he was trained by the Communists to be a liar.

I have never in my adult life saw grown men SO OBVIOUSLY in discomfort. Rhodes and the guy sitting next to him are in distress, it is very, very obvious. Rhodes looks as if he would be happier having bamboo shoved up his finger nails.

Why now the un-holy alliance? I can tell you this…….. Rhodes is not happy, or he is scared of the outcome or the perception.

One last note watch at the beginning as Rhodes introduces Mike as a Former Communist….. watch Mike’s body language and how he mutters something under his breath.

8 thoughts on “WATCH AND LEARN

  1. I find it so amazing that liberty and freedom has so many enemies within these borders. We are our own worst enemy. Look what we have allowed to continue on for so many decades. It is now to the point where this America is no longer recognizable. So many sheep will be led to the slaughter and some so called patriots will take them by the hand and lead them to their end. The America I grew up with is long past dead as is the one my father fought for in the 60’s.
    As Bill and others have stated get local tribe and cling to your family. Their are few in this world I have faith in, my faith will rest in Christ Jesus. May the Lord help us all and this once great country (if it is his will).

  2. What a fucking clown! I love how at the end he just had to throw out the fact that “he broke the Fast & Furious scandal”. Who fucking cares?!? How has that turned out? How many arrests have been made? His self-importance is entirely too high. I have as much faith in him as I do the Oath Keepers.
    Josh R.

  3. So he telling a lie right now that he was once a communist. He still is, or he just doesn’t know what he is. He’s like a head with his chicken cut off.
    Papa Mike

  4. Okay,

    Educate me’ why are the oathkeepers “liars keepers”

    I dont see how thease men are in distress???

    The speaker calls him self an ex-communist???

    What am I missing. Im serious. I was considering joining the oathkeepers. If they are bad guys, what am I missing????

    • For starters, without question, many of the oathkeepers membership were part of the local, state and fed/gov stormwarriors, jackbooting street by street, house by house and door to door; in Boston on 19APR13.

  5. I wouldn’t trust that motherfucker to tell me the time of day.
    Why, oh why, would anyone welcome that prick anywhere?
    It’s always about him with this guy, his ego has it’s own zip code and nothing good has ever come from being associated with him.

    He needs to be shunned at all cost.

    Let him go lick the hand of his masters so we can forget we ever heard of him.

  6. Why don’t you listen to what he is telling you ? He has described the tactics of the enemies of the Republic. I don’t care whether he is “authentic” or not, we can take the information he has given us, evaluate it’s worth, and use it.

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