Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed


Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed is offering a sale of Two Patriot Garden Seed Packages for $150.00 for a limited time. Shipping is included.

That’s almost 6 pounds of Heirloom OP Garden Seed for $150.00, you WILL NOT find it cheaper.

We are only going to sell 10 of these packages, the sale will be taken down after the 10 orders are fulfilled.

Or I suppose you could go and buy from the seed pimps and spend $250.00 for 1/4 the amount of seeds.

13 thoughts on “Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed

  1. Order placed. The Patriot Seed pakage and the two Black Buggy packages purchased for door prizes at the NC PATCON were well recieved. I will add these two Patriot packages to the one I previously purchased to store away. Great bartering items as well as for personal use.

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