She Devil’s Livestock and The Idiot Box


The She Devil’s Livestock are beginning to awake, of course the mind machine known as the TV tells the livestock so. “Can you fucking believe this, look what the IRS has been doing.”

I have to laugh, the mind numb have the pitchforks in hand and are ready to set the course correct. Can you see my smirk? Yes the media is working full force……… Yet where was the media 5 years ago? Where was the media 10 years ago? You get the picture… I hope!

So if I am to understand this correctly………. The Chocolate Jesus is THE ONLY POTUS to use the IRS against the free will of the people. I am smirking again.

So if I am to understand this correctly…….. The media and the Legislative Branch are going to NOW self-police. Folks this stinks to high hell. Perhaps it’s yet another SPARLKIE. How long have we known the IRS has targeted the Free Will Types? I will tell you how long……… decades and decades. The IRS has always been used against those that disagree with the Tyrant du jour.

I have noticed a trend, it’s what I do best, to be very honest. As the livestock come awake, they post all over Facebook and Pinterest, we have all seen this behavior, yet nothing ever gets done…… except many fist pumps and screeches of ” WOLVERINES”

The cattle really are not ever going to do anything, it’s a fact. The same goes for the prepper arm of the movement, you have a few that  really prep, and the rest just post pictures of others that ARE actually prepping.

Perhaps this will help…… “I Was Anti Gov Before It Was Cool”.

That’s right prepping and awakening has become a FAD. It’s the hottest new trend, yet most are not actually doing a fucking thing, other than posting pictures and quotes of our Framers.

The Chocolate Jesus and his Iron Triangle…. the media understands this all too well. Logic and average intelligence should have had the livestock stirred the hell up……… LONG ago.

Late comers, late bloomers?  Rush L. calls these type folks low information voters. Hell even Rush is just now weaving the truth about our wicked government officialdom into his daily shows.

The cattle are being massaged by the MSM, yes they are being tickled with the truth, just enough reality woven into carefully scripted messages……… WHY? Is the an agenda? You better bet your ass there is an agenda. And it’s not meant to awaken the sleeping giant, it is solely being used to MANAGE the awakening sleeping giant, the message is being controlled and scripted.

This is being done intentionally, to control the talking points, to control the message, to control the fight and the ensuing battles, it’s still shirts against the skins…. divide and conquer . The New Fad is being harnessed…. TOP / Down approach – business model.

The fifth columns understand it is in their best interest to slowly co-opt the New Fad, to help desensitize the sleeping masses as gently as possible. Think about this….. Tea Party Movement, there is your aha moment. Think about this……. The Oath Keepers Movement, there is you aha moment.

Not lets segue what I have demonstrated thus far.

Now Think about Mike Vanderboegh…. Think about Rawles…….. Think about G. Beck……. Think about Alex Jones……… Are you getting it yet? Or are you a low information voter in the Patriot Movement?

This should be your AHA MOMENT.


6 thoughts on “She Devil’s Livestock and The Idiot Box

  1. The failure of our education system to produce thinkers versus robots “prepared to enter the workforce” is evident. As laid out by the communist plan. Take over the education system, take over the media, infiltrate the government… Workers unite! Unite in fucking slavery. Dumbasses…

  2. This whole thing is a fucking nightmare (sorry for the foul language) Since Bill Clinton I have watched the country slowly self destruct like a crack whore with a 50 pound sack of meth (The 50 pound sack of Meth is Quantative Easing and fiat currency)

    The national debt will be the key to our demise and with that the “major transformation of or society that socialist and chief” promised back in 2008 can fully occur. There must be a financil collapse of epic proportions to finally break our backs so all the really good stuff thats been sitting on the backburner will be instituted.

    I personally think that after a major financil collapse will be more than evan Obama bargained for and the fed will for the most part fall apart when they run out of MRE’s to pay all the federal employees and they run off looking for other work or someplace to loot.

    The power vacuam left behind many parts of the country will cause warlords and any “fruitcake with a manifesto” to rise up and try to take power. This will of course lead to the “balkenization of the U.S”

  3. The Cycle of Freedom

    From bondage to spiritual faith
    From spiritual faith to great courage
    From great courage to liberty
    From liberty to abundance
    From abundance to selfishness
    From selfishness to complacency
    From complacency to apathy
    From apathy to dependency
    From dependency back again to bondage

    I figure our current cycle status is dependency…………………………….

  4. Well shit, how many times have I said “time to take out the politicians and the fricken leaders” ? Get rid of the heads let the tail flail and flop around.
    Some-britches come and push this wheelchair or give me a motorized one so I can join the line to fight. I’m fricken ready and I’m pissed.
    Papa Mike

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