A Cute Baby Boy Isolated on White.

Most do not want the truth, it’s far too painful. Instead the cattle will re-read the history books as they were written, sadly. We have been lied to for thousands of years. The corruption du jour is not a new concept. Yes I know C. Columbus discovered Amerika, can you see my eyes roll into the back of my head?

Just as governments seized upon opportune times in the history of humanity, so have our religions….. To control the cattle. It has been a sham for a very long time. Very few will take the time to do the research, those that have are typically called anarchists.

There re many kinds of knowledge and wisdom, I never could find myself following the conventional path. Deep down inside even as a young boy I was an anarchist, I questioned everything, I knew of the lies and the deception. Kokesh is being ravaged in the patriot community, I happen to find this very puzzling………. NOT!

Would I join the march on July 4th, as I stated some time ago….. I am keeping an open mind. I will say this, I am not very fond of marches and leaving my family alone while I go off to DC. No I happen to think Local, Local, Local is the most logical reasoning I can come up with.

This is not to say I am willing to offer any sort of criticism for those that wish to step off the front porch, I wish them luck with their endeavors, my philosophy is different, not that I feel it’s my way or the highway, it’s a mere matter of my own perspective, no need to cut the frog mush into smaller bits. Hell I would not hesitate to donate a few bucks to the cause.

I must admit I find it very disturbing to see the hero-worship of those that wish make false claims against Kokesh, I am not a psychologist…… but I do have a rather keen way of observations and looking at past history, historical data will generally tell you all you need to know…. You can take that to the bank.

Observing and deciphering body language is another keen skill you need to adapt, I do not speak fancy words, I do not dress in fancy clothes, I am a plain man… a simple man. Yet I am afforded the right to be as complex as I desire, I do not fit the mold, nor will I ever. I enjoy being around other like-minded folks that do not fit the mold.

I have come to realize I enjoy being a very complex person, I also figured out long ago……. I need to grow as a person, my mind needed to grow, I had to shake off old beliefs to do so, this would mean an ever-changing and growing process.

If you are going to expand you must allow your mind to do so as well, for many this is a very difficult process…….. a painful process. The truth is there, you must be willing to adapt and process the information, regardless of how difficult.

I was afforded a great opportunity to sit with an old friend, he called on short notice and said he would be in my area, we were able to sit for a few hours and chat over a few beers…….. Priceless.

I enjoy challenging myself and my own beliefs, regardless if they are short-term or long-term. The truth is there, all you must do is open your mind. Or I suppose you could just continue to chew your cud.


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