Bricks and Such


What is the agenda? Why is Vanderboegh spending so much of his precious time he has left…….Trying to destroy Adam Kokesh? What is the agenda. We do know Kokesh is now in a Federal Jail.

Disclose.tvPlanting Drugs on Adam Kokesh

Here is a link for a google search on some of Vanderboegh’s recent hit pieces on Kokesh.

What is the agenda? Why is Kokesh now being held in a Federal Jail? what role did Vanderboegh play?

We do know that Alex Jones supports the activism of Kokesh……….. Now I want you to watch this video I posted  a while back. Near the end of the video listen to the words of Vanderboegh regarding Alex Jones.

What is Vanderboegh’s agenda? Who does he actually work for? Many hard questions folks.

4 thoughts on “Bricks and Such

  1. Whether people support Adam in this march or not, they should at least support the idea that he is doing SOMETHING. It’s all the “not one more inch crowd” that has the most to say to try and discredit him. “Oh, but he was with Code Pink”. I don’t recall him ever admitting to being a communist who actively tried to overthrow the .gov. Fuck Vanderboegh and everyone else that pounds on their keyboards while trying to talk down a man who gets off his ass and ACTS. In case you’re wondering, I do wholeheartedly support what he’s doing. “The most dangerous thing is doing nothing” –Adam Kokesh. He’s been saying this and I agree with him.
    Josh R.

  2. Well look at this

    “An alert Web-surfer obtained a screen capture of the evidence that ties Adam Kokesh to Obama’s re-election organization, Organizing for Action, which was originally known as Obama For America”.
    I don’t about this I just found it on Free North Carolina site.
    Papa Mike

  3. Too many people looking for a hero to follow – any hero, whether they are right or wrong.

    They need to look in the mirror. Look at their families. Look at their neighborhood. It’s all local. Their savior isn’t going to come from anywhere but where they live. Maybe they should concentrate on being their own savior, instead of looking to celebrities.

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