I am seeing all sorts of patriot cannibalism, seems rather odd that certain folks have not learned their lessons. As the patriot community ran around in circles frothing at the collective mouth, making wild accusations and claims that Vanderboegh et al were going to topple the presidency and by day-break Hillary would be in shackles, not to mention Holder would be wearing an orange jumpsuit by the time the sun set.

I am seeing this word used a lot, regarding Kokesh……..


a person who provokes trouble, causes dissension, or the like; agitator.

Perhaps one might go ask Vanderboegh, he might know.

Have we not learned our prior lessons?< Of course the short attention span of the low information voters soon forgets how Vanderboegh threw these folks under the Bus as well.

And in the end they were innocent, shall we take a look at Vanderboegh’s failed perspective once again?

The Hutaree, apparently useful idiots to a man, may indeed not be guilty of what they are charged.  It does not matter.  Even if all the charges are later expoosed to be the fevered imaginings of snitches and provocateurs (and I don’t think they will be), the Feds have reaped an incalculable benefit from the exercise.”

And of course this…..

Vanderboegh denounced the Hutaree militia group’s “nuttery”

Nuttery indeed, kind of like when Mike announced on his blog he likes to dirty carry his gun, then a few weeks later gets arrested for dirty carry…………. NUTTERY?

How many times has this man been wrong? No one person knows what Kokesh is up to or what is in his heart, I merely ask those in the community to think for themselves. Do your own research.

Here is another little pearl of wisdom from the former commie Mike Vanderboegh….

“The indictment made that clear if you could read between the lines.  Here it is spelled out in the Wall Street Journal.  When are you going to stop doubting your old Uncle Mike?”

The community is up in arms over Adam’s affiliation with

Seems silly to me, this is why they are labeling the man a commie, good fucking lord.

“After the 2005 announcement the station would be launched, the U.S. government-owned Voice of America (VOA)[101] interviewed Anton Nosik, chief editor of, who said the creation of Russia Today “smacks of Soviet-style propaganda campaigns.”

Smacks of soviet -style propaganda? Really? Really?, I sit here and I shake my head…… as the patriot community continues to froth at the mouth……. Can one of you heroes please explain to me just exactly what role the United States MSM has played in the past 6 years?

Crickets…………………………………………………………………………………………… Again just another six degrees of Kevin Bacon.


One last question folks as you begin your day. Remember how Vanderboegh attacked Sam Kerodin, with zero proof? Ahhhhhh you have forgotten.


  1. Funny you posted about the gun incident. I found the online Patriot Movement through MikeyV just about the time he went to court over that and had to get a gun permit. I think I had been reading him for what? a month or two but I quit taking him serious that day. Here was a man that was preaching ‘No compromise, no backing up, no knuckling under’ and what does he do? He compromised his Rights when he got that permit. He backed off. He knuckled under.
    He showed me and the rest of the world just how shallow his convictions are. Unfortunately, his disciples didn’t get it but what are ya gonna do, right?

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