The Farmers and the Proletarian Revolution.

We can arrive at the correct estimation of the importance of the farmers for the communist movement only if we connect it with the question of the seizure of power by the working class.

We must understand that as long as the capitalist class can maintain political leadership over the farmers, the working class has no possibility or even hope of coming into power.

So you see even the Marxists understood almost 100 years ago.

Just as they do today.


If you do not control your food and food processing / canning on a local level……… How on earth do you think you are going to feed yourself and family – tribe? You will never…. NEVER be able to eat your rifle. Barter you say? Barter what? Barter the bang stick you need to protect your loved ones?

I don’t preach about the New World Order and the Illuminati, I will leave that business up to Glenn and Alex.

Dancing with the Retards, Fry Cooks and Sewer Felchers.

The tools of freedom come in many forms, it will not be the rifle alone that will bring freedom to your doorstep. I am not worried about Adam Kokesh and his intentions, the frat boys and company state they have it all figured out……….. It was far too easy for them………. This is WHY my opinion on the matter differs…… It was far too easy.

Adam can take care of himself, when the shoe drops…. it drops. False flags….. Chocolate Jesus operatives, can you see me shaking my head in disbelief. Distractions folks…….. distractions. Can you say Gunwalker?

Prep, prepare and become as self sufficient as you can.  You will not find a cheaper retail price that what http://jebadiahfishergardenseed.com is offering.

I will be posting the details of the Militia Garden Seed package soon, this package will be offered only to the militia groups. It will be greatly discounted. I was going to wait until the release of The Militia Magazine, I am running a full page ad for the July issue.

I would also like to run a special for anyone from Oklahoma that lost everything they had in the recent tornado, I will try a put something together in the morning. If you are from the area e-mail me with any information or thoughts / ideas.


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