Please take a gander at the DHS new ammo allocation…….. DO YOU GET IT? No?

45 Long Colt – 250 gr. JHP total rounds 4000, 200, bx;

002: 45 ACP 230GR JHP 1000 rounds per box total rounds 20,000, 20, mx;

RIMFIRE AMMUNITION total rounds 40,000, 400, bx;
LI 004:

30-30 160 gr. – this is being used for a Government gun. total rounds
4,680, 234, bx;


WINCHESTER AA LIGHT TARGET AA128 total rounds 20,00, 80, bx;

LI 006: 410 GAUGE #9 WINCHESTER AA TARGET AA4109 total rounds
10,000, 40, bx;

LI 007: .357 MAGNUM 180 GRAIN JHP
total rounds 6,000, 300, bx;

LI 008: 7.69X39MM 123
GRAIN total rounds 5,000, 250, bx;

4 thoughts on “GET IT ?

  1. They become more and more desperate. Like a ravening beast they lash out at anything and everything that they feel can threaten them.

    Lever gun ammo, cowboy rounds, target shotshells and Warsaw Pact ammo.

    I suppose they expect people to believe these are rounds for their standard issue weapons? Is the DHS now composed of a scheming triad of Fudds?

    Mark Twain described his descent into bankruptcy as proceeding ‘very slow, and then very fast’ (sic).

    This country is now proceeding slowly into the maelstrom. Soon enough it will experience its Seven-Sigma move, and when that happens everyone will find themselves in uncharted territory.

    They’re scared. Fear begets desperation, desperation begets excess. Excess begets pain and suffering. The pain will come swiftly and without moderation, and people will stand there astounded, staring blankly at the chaos around them as they wonder how it could have become so miserable so quickly.

    Well folks, it’s shit like this that will lend to the upcoming misery. It’s out in the open. People simply do not have the eyes to see it.

    In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is surely a depressed, miserable motherfucker.

  2. “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” Guess who said that? You do NOT use hollow point ammo for training or target practice and the Hague Convention forbids its use in combat. So.. Here we are. Everybody wants to know where in the hell these ammo orders are. Did it ever occur to anyone that these rounds are probably in the hands of the Cartels and our good buddies Al Qaeda. Remember Fast and Furious and Benghazi? You will know them by their fruits. On a different note, never in my life did I ever think that the Gov would have a need for 30-30. 30-30 is a brush gun, period. You use this round for under 100 yard shots through the brush as you stalk game. You also use this rifle as ranch rifle. And by ranch rifle I mean prisoner ranch, aka prison. That’s the only legitimate reason I could think of for them to order that damned many 30-30 rounds, because we know they ain’t hunting deer and hogs in a thicket. I didn’t know that the Feds used .22lr either. I guess that’s for those pesky squirrels and rats that reside in prison walls and yards…45 LONG? WTF? I don’t even think that Andy and Barney carried Peacemakers in that high of a caliber. Is DHS hosting cowboy action shoots at their training facility or what? These are all calibers that folks like you and I would use, not jackboots. I can smell Denmark from here.

  3. The Award has been made..

    Solicitation Number:
    Notice Type:
    Award Notice
    Contract Award Date:
    May 3, 2013
    Contract Award Number:
    HSFLAR-13-P-00020 no award for line #6
    Contract Award Dollar Amount:
    Contract Line Item Number: ALL
    Contractor Awardee:

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