” I Don’t Want To See Folks Get Killed”


Necessary Evil…… It’s a struggle to accept. Yet we will never rid ourselves and community of it, the human condition will not allow it, nor will the universe. Ying and Yang…… get it?

Perspective can also get murky from time to time. I am fortunate enough to have a very green thumb, it allows me a perspective deeper that the traditional rhythms of the changing seasons. No, I will never the most eloquent writer. Or the most refined…… I definitely will never be the smartest person in the room. I really don’t over emphasise or place much importance on lipstick and rouge.

Will I, or others in the community ever really get what we want in regards to a restoration of our Republic? Will we even come close in our lifetimes? Will the work we do today really influence historical sweeping changes?  History demonstrates we can make a difference, but the ultimate question would have to be……. Are we cut of the same cloth as those history reflects upon?

I could take the time to reinforce why we are all here at this very moment, but I won’t. Drinking from the bowl of punch is quite popular these days, I suppose this has been so for a very long time, I feel no need to bore anyone with the particular sordid details. We are in near ruin because of greed, because we have a community of Like Minded Folks…………….. Like minded means just that, a group of similar thinking people.

What is the “like-minded” that supposedly binds us all together? We are indeed like-minded to what we all despise, this can’t be changed…… I will remind you yet again of the human condition.

Until the like-minded individuals become less like minded than those we supposedly despise…………. What do we actually have?

Do I have the mathematical formula that will save the day? Hell No! The rhythm of the Universe will place us where we need to be and at the correct moment we need to be there. Stepping onto the green is not a tangible or inanimate object that will ever be controlled or manipulated by the hairy ape. When reactions given by Vanderboegh and company arise on such matters, I have to sit back and question their sanity or even intelligence.

To spend so much precious energy on something we should know and understand, is plain retarded. To think Kokesh could have or would have pulled it off is infantile, this should have been a given. For folks that state they have a universal comprehensive understanding of 3rd and 4th generation warfare……. I see far too many errors and strategic blunders…….. Repeatedly!

To publicly attack a man, and to pull out all the stops to assassinate his character in the guise of ” What Is Best For The Community” or ” I Don’t Want To See Folks Get Killed” is sophomoric and disingenuous, because the perpetrator ” Vanderboegh” past claims of wisdom should have led to the evident conclusion that was in all actuality REALITY in the end.

Vanderboegh was not the only guilty party involved, the concept of reality seems to elude the frog cutters. You can not stop or change what is reality or organic, just as you can’t control the rhythm of the universe and the heavens. Adam Kokesh did not meet any of the said requirements…….. This should have been a given, instead the community was whipped into a white frothy rage.

Continue to prep and prepare, don’t worry your little heads…… You will get what you are asking for……….. The universe promised so, yet she will not allow you to control it when it spins out of control. Things are not getting better nor will they, we could linger on for another twenty years…… Ha you say, no way!… the spark is right around the corner? Vanderboegh told us so. My perspective tells me he has been wrong more times than he has been right.

Historical data reminds us that our dilemma has lingered for a VERY long time, why would one not be able to comprehend the trend might just continue? This of course would mean much more influence on being self-sufficient and prepping and preparing. My bad…. you all have an appointment on the green…………… Because Vanderboegh TOLD YOU SO!


One parting question to the so-called community….. When Vanderboegh ordered you to throw the bricks through government official’s windows, what was the probability that you could have been shot dead for vandalizing federal property?

Did Red Mikey give a damn then about ” Folks Getting Killed” all the while he sipped his lemonade in his easy chair.

2 thoughts on “” I Don’t Want To See Folks Get Killed”

  1. Necessary evil is a concept that I find interesting, if not a bit misleading. If one were to take a stark black and white view of the world, then one might be inclined to say that that which is necessary can never be deemed evil. Thus necessary evil becomes simply necessary.

    The trick lies in determining what is truly necessary. Given how one can be hard pressed to find necessity behind anything, even existence as we know it, it is not an easy task, and one cannot expect a consensus to ever be formed.

    I fear that that which is necessary will be miserably unpalatable for most people.

    “It’s impossible for words to describe what is….necessary….to those who do not know what horror means.”

    It’s frightening when a fictional character in a movie made in 1979 is far more erudite and attuned to the dark realities of this world than any modern scholar.

    I greatly enjoy reading this blog. You delve into topics that most other patriot blogs skip over. It’s always good to take a more cerebral approach to the problems we are faced with.

  2. This is it Bill -> “The universe promised so, yet she will not allow you to control it when it spins out of control.”

    The part that most forget, or willfully ignore. Getting on a bull is a lot easier than getting off one unscathed. I hope folks don’t think this will be a cakewalk or a picnic. The reality of it will be one mean, rude bitch for most. Even us…

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