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I was asked recently during a promotion cycle for Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed why on earth would I start a garden seed company in 2013, the market is saturated with seed pimps. The question was a valid one, and the individual’s statement was correct.

My business model is based upon volume and honest pricing. My goal has always been to offer the Patriot and Prepper Community Heirloom Garden seed that they can afford. My eyes still roll into the back of my head as I review my competitors pricing. It’s amazing just how much money is being made off of the community.

The business is profitable……… Yet we are not gouging our customer base. Reality is starting to kick in, I have tried in vain to gain access to mediums to promote JFGS. I have been locked out, shut out and shunned. I was never naive in regards to how cut throat this business is, after all the Pimps are making millions.

During a recent brain storming meeting, I was asked by my business partner to change the business model and raise the prices to reflect current retail price points. Much less volume, less work, less inventory to stock….. And the possibility of huge profit margins. I stood my ground, the pricing will remain as is. We have mailed out thousands of pounds of Heirloom Garden Seed for a fraction of what others are charging.

I must offer a very sincere Thank You to all that have helped promote the business. There were many! There are folks behind the scenes that still help with promotions, I can’t thank you all enough.

I promised I would stay the course, I turned down the Bullhorn Guy, I have invested thousands in advertising that resulted in zero sales. The brunt of the sales have come from word of mouth and promotions from the Community. Many that purchase from JFGS understand the value, sadly there are many novices that are just now trying to wrap their heads around it.

I have no idea where we will be one month or six months down the road. I knew this would not be easy, yet for a company only five months old….. We have put a huge chink into the market share of the Seed Pimps, and they are not happy….. Not one bit.

Thank you all for your support, for your purchases, and the kind words I receive in e-mails. Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed will not be shut down, even if it’s used only as a medium to supply a small group of Patriots and Preppers, it will be here this time next year. I might have to change a few things i.e. shipping & processing only one day a week, we shall see.

The bulk of my sales come from WRSA, as CA has graciously always promoted JFGS when ever I would ask and times I didn’t….. Thank You again CA!

Sam Kerodin is another great Patriot that has helped promote JFGS, like I said earlier there are many, too many to mention them all.

I have rejected the Used Car Salesman Techniques of promoting the business, I was naive in certain aspects of my business model and plan, having zero expertise in retail sales… Let alone Online Retail sales, I underestimated the importance of promotion, I was confident that the VALUE aspect alone would suffice to keep the business in the black.

I need to reach a broader market, this sadly can’t be done without some sort of shenanigans, I still reject the entire concept of BUY NOW…. BUY NOW…. THE WORLD IS ENDING AND GET YOUR SEEDS BEFORE THEY ARE GONE!!!!!!!

I want to continue offering the best deal out there on a retail level. Yet the challenge is the broader market. I will keep those that are interested updated, as I said we are not going anywhere and we are not raising prices. I need some time to reflect and think outside of the box.

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18 thoughts on “Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed

  1. If you really want to open people’s eyes to the disparity in pricing, create a chart of the 10 most popular seed companies, and how their prices compare to yours. (similar to what you did in one of your previous posts) This will illustrate the value you offer, and it will drive a serious thorn in the side of the seed pimps.

    If you make a nice graphic, it would be easy to share around the interwebs via facebook and such.

    I know you didn’t really want to go there… but maybe it’s time.

    • Bonnie, yes it is time and no I did not want to have to go there. The business is cut throat and it’s high time I start playing by THEIR rules! I really, really, really, did not want to have to roll around in the gutter.

      • Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.
        H. L. Mencken

        We’ve discussed this on numerous occasions. ‘Nuff said…

  2. Maybe try prepper broadcast network and venues like that–there are between 60-120 users logged in during some of the garden shows, and this stuff is really word of mouth and it adds up. If you don’t believe that just look at who grows what with certain hydroponic nutrition mixes (hint: the company is based in CO). You don’t have to pimp–just offer your package and people will understand the deal. You have to get to the little people out there that buy shit other than nato ammo and nightvision.

  3. Next summer I will be selling at farmer’s market(s). This summer I am scouting out all the farmer’s markets within a 100 mile radius of where I live and the info I gather will (1) be used to decide where I will sell next summer and (2) used to set up the farmer’s market in the Citadel. I will be HAPPY to set up a display of Jebidah Fisher Seed and sell them for you and take NOTHING for doing so. I will also use seed from you to set up my gardens on our small acreage farm, Heart Mountain Farm & Orchard, and advertise the fact when I set up my social media to promote the farm. There is more than one way to skin a cat so hang in there because the we have your back.
    If you want to talk details, you have my email.
    Miss Violet

  4. You are offering a great product at a fantastic price. The word is spreading. Thanks for staying the course.

    • Mike,

      Thanks for the kind words! Thank you also for your purchases! It’s all good, I was contacted recently about getting back into the saddle in the construction arena as a PM. I turned down the offer because of the seed business. Full bennies and 125 K to start. Oh well I hated doing it 20 years ago and I would hate it today. The money is not worth selling your soul.

      • I just placed my first order on your website – thanks for the opportunity to keep the business within the community. May I suggest reaching out to the permaculture/prepping portion of the community? An interview with Jack on The Survival Podcast (who talks constantly about gardening and rails against GMO seed) would reach about 50K folks who are in this subsegment.

  5. Bill, you’ve done a great thing with JFGS. Us poor ole’ country boys are thankful to have been able to purchase such high quality seed at unbelievably low prices. I’ll have seed for next year and maybe even for the year after that. I’ve already given away plenty also to the other green thumbs in my circle and they are happy with their gigantic crooknecks and black beauties. I know mine are about to take over my little micro-grow, hell you’ve seen the pic… I know it’s one more thing to worry about in your already busy schedule, but I suggest posting a request for customer garden pics that are using your seed on the JFGS page for those who just aren’t sure yet. That’ll give folks a visual from real people on just how bad ass Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed Company truly is. Thanks for standing your ground and taking no shit. It means a lot to those who are paying attention.

    • Stackz,

      Thanks again for your support. We need to meet up one day. Remember if you ever get in a bind…… You and your tribe will always have access to seed! Also thanks for the great idea! Marketing is much harder than I would have ever guessed. It is indeed a razors edge of the truth and carnival barker.

  6. Sounds like the others have great ideas, venture into the “gardening” market and do not fight in the “survival seed” market… for now. Pick the low fruit first.

    • I have been fortunate enough to tap both markets, the business is holding its own. Yet it’s the survival market that has the 12 month legs that the gardener market does not.

      • Are you telling me you want to work all year long? Don’t tell the schoolteachers that… they always get worked up when they are “forced” to work through summer 🙂

  7. European Commission To Ban Heirloom Seeds and Criminalize Plants & Seeds Not Registered With Government

    By the way, beans are coming up. Got beets and carrots in the ground. Already had tomatoes, peppers, chiles, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, squash, cantaloupes, and onions planted.

    Got a bad feeling this year, though. I keep getting a premonition of my garden getting wiped out by a bad hail storm this summer. Maybe I’ll put up some kind of netting or something. Living at nearly 7,000 feet above sea level in what is essentially high desert has its challenges.

  8. cant afford a whole package from your site , but you have inspired me to stock up on some heirloom seeds for corn. thanks for your effort and toil against the machine…..

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