Masterqueue and Your Masters- GET IT?


Get It?

“If you have a tremendous amount of information about a specific person, we’ll put algorithms on every piece of that data to tell you which pieces are more relevant than others,” Lewis explained.

“We have some resources, but this, by far, has helped us the most,” El Dorado County District Attorney Investigator Dave Stevenson said. “It’s something that really changes how we do our job.”


The value of masterQueue is immediately seen by a user when they push a button and the entire life of the subject, in the form of data, is placed on the users
screen and in maps that include a visual to the subjects life, as well as to
their web footprint. This data is then de-duped, normalized, sorted, scored,
mapped and placed in an easy to use workflow application. “Leads”, or phone
numbers or addressees’ for the subject, or for another relevant person who can
help locate the missing subject, are what masterQueue provides its users in a
work flow application that is unique to the collections and risk management
industries, as well as to any industry or market where locating a specific
person is critical.

MasterQueue also provides its users a unique opportunity to fully leverage the
massive amounts of available public record and open sourced web based data
through one platform. Ninety-nine percent of current data purchased by our
target market is acquired through web-based, login platforms that deliver public
records in non-manipulative, .pdf formats.

Utilizing real-time XML interfaces with large public records data aggregators, masterQueue saves users hours a day in the gathering of data to help them locate or better manage high risk in the gathering of data to help them locate or better manage high risk individual accounts. masterQueue eliminates the need to copy and paste records, or worse, to create an unsecured paper trail by printing the reports that contain people’s private information.

GET IT? You had better and quickly. Your masters are using this and other tech. You can’t hide…..Galt you say? TOR?

4 thoughts on “Masterqueue and Your Masters- GET IT?

  1. Take my word for it, they don’t need that high tech shit.
    If they want you, they will find you.

    Thirty years ago, I was awoken in a trailer at a trailer park, in a different state that I lived in and had been at for a week, by the State Police.
    They were there to inform me of the fact my Grandfather had had a heart attack.
    My other Grandmother was the only one who knew approximately where I was at but did not have an address, just a city.

    That was thirty years ago, before the internet and before cell phones.

    With a cell phone, they can pinpoint your location, plus or minus three fucking feet.

    With the internet, they can basically document your entire life and print it out now.

    Oh yeah, Big Brother never sleeps.

  2. indeed. if fact in many cases for most people it doesn’t matter if you straighten up and hide your trail since they already have your previous trail and it will tell them if you are a bitter clinger or a liberal / useful idiot. for most of us that is all they need to know.

    simple …you are an independent thinker and thus a threat or a sheeple in which case they care not about you. ………..and you sheeples out there that doesn’t mean you get a pass since they despise you more than the bitter clingers.

  3. This technology has nothing to do with law abiding people. No one is coming for you unless there is a reason to. You break the law, you should expect someone to come knocking on your door regardless of what technology these companies have. You can’t blame them.

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