Just an observation, how many others hate having to go out in public? The current trend is shocking, our society is very ill, and it’s getting worse by the day. I openly admit I am a people watcher, I find myself shaking my head more and more.

It used to be customary that living in a rural area afforded one the escape of the big city shitty behaviors, sadly it seems worse in the rural sticks. The language, the dress……. and the lack of grooming is mind-boggling.

It really is pretty damn scary to watch, the drugs are playing a large roll. You can see it in their faces, the meth…… the pills, and as I said it’s getting worse. I suppose natural selection will have to kick in at some point.

And please do not kid yourself…… it’s in your neighborhood too.



  1. Hey San Jacinto Outlaw…..


    you should come down here to area that myself and the “Laguna Madre Pirate” inhabit. I got a meth lab right down the street from me. The house behind my house has little wanna be Mexican American gang members living in it (two drive by shootings in the past five years) and one of them was stabbed eight times in front of a grocery store and lived (paramedics were too efficient)

    I tried to get the police to bust the meth lab, but theres not enough “revenue to generate” from it to bust them. They are all poor white trash and cant pay “restitution or court fee’s” so for the PD its like, whats the point?

    Society is slowly eroding alright. No doubt about that. Maybe I could do what “wildflower” says on another blog and make “human chili” but I don’t think tattooed meat would be “appetizing” and meth addict meat would taste like “chemicals’ (after taste like diet soda)

    No instead, I think I will order seeds from you and eat stray cats in my neighborhood.

    • Cav Medic,


      yeah’ I would like to “bust the meth lab” myself, but they have rights and I would be arrested. Last year some of our PD showed up (to the lab) and about four of the “tweakers;’ were outside the house walking around with their “limbs moving around” like their central nervous systems were misfiring.

      The Cop did not do anything, got back into his car and left.

  2. SJCO, I know exactly what you mean. I prefer to stay home most of the time and tinker with my things, which are in a controlled environment, minus the tweekers, free shit army, and pill farmers with pupils the size of bb’s in broad daylight. I can spot those people a mile away. My wife says I’m a hermit because I never want to go anywhere. So I tell her that I’m just very selective of my surroundings and if it doesn’t involve a primer, steak, or war porn I’m not interested. She gets the fact that I don’t like being around idiots with no sense of or respect for someone’s personal space. You know, like when you are in line at a checkout somewhere and the lady with two buggies of shit she’s buying with food stamps has to have her buggy 3″ from your ankle while you unload yours. It makes me want to go even slower unloading my cart because I know she’s got to go get her nails done after after she drops 300 in food stamps. This is all while you have to listen to her 4 disrespectful crumbsnatchers ask for the impulse shit they have on each side of the small isle you’re already crammed into. I too enjoy people watching. I like watching from a distance where they can’t ask you to borrow a dolla’, short them down a cigarette, or haggle you for a ride to da house cause’ they ain’t got no gas money for their $600 Crown Victoria with $3,000 rims and tires and a $3,000 sound system. People talk about a Zombie invasion. Well Sir, the fucking hordes of mindless zombies are in our AO and everyone else’s that still has CRITICAL THINKING skills. They are called low information voters, aka people who don’t mind one bit voting your rights away as long as the free shit keeps comin’ on in dog… Some of my military background involves profiling and reading people. I can pretty much tell if I am going to walk away from someone within an average of 30 seconds of contact with them. Their ticks, their eye movement, and their breathing tells me everything I need to know. Posture and presentation are not two things that are incredibly difficult to project if you’re on your game like you should be. Posture and presentation alone most of the time tells other folks you mean business and will not be taken for a ride by some slick talkin’ scum bag. I see Darwin award nominees every day that just haven’t caught the time space continuum at the right slot yet. I’m like you, let’s get on with the natural selection already.

  3. Don’t meth labs catch on fire regularly…If the wind was blowing in the right direction when it did all your problems might just go away…

  4. Far be it for me to advocate vigilantism but let me tell you a story about the small town of Belle WV. There was a a apartment complex of duplexes that were owned by an out of towner. Just a few HUD units in shabby shape.

    For about two years the town’s one cop camped that place. Drugs, domestics, strong arms, people in the lot till dawn raising hell. Word of mouth went around and many town residents just kept saying ‘someone” has to do something, before they run over some kids or shoot someone.

    Well the town cop and county sheriff couldn’t get evidence because the whole building was full of meth addled rejects who would throw their kids dirty diapers out the windows. No one would testify or complain in public.

    Finally, on a snowy January night a fire started, never did find out if it was arson or not. Many suspected it was. The place burned to the ground. Two blocks from the firehouse. No one was hurt, and no damage but property. (if the louse ridden belongings of the meth heads could be called that) Of course none of them had renter’s insurance, jobs or savings, so off they went to seek greener pastures. The slumlord’s land was seized by the town as unsafe and paved over.

    The moral of the story is YOUR FUCKING NEIGHBORHOOD. Defend it.

  5. Bill,
    Havent commented in a long time. Love the new blog and I hear you. Normal, day-to-day things, even work, just turn my stomach. Its all a mad farce, like living in an asylum. Your blog always helps me feel less alone. -stlmike

  6. Somehow, the wife talked me into going to a shopping mall in town a few months ago. I had not set foot in one for over 2 years.

    If I were to judge society, based on what I saw, compared to the last time I went, I’d say we are devolving at an exponential rate.

  7. Hey everyone and the SJCO


    I know so much about the whole deal because I am the “block captain” of the Neighborhood watch. I appreciate the input. In the last seven years two nearby meth labs burned down (I had nothing to do with it) Careless meth addicts with no electricity and candles burning did the trick (can you say, Darwin Awards)
    We have had lots of people arrested, some never returned.

    In the past five years, five new houses were built and new families moved in. Property values have gone up and many meth addicts were displaced thanks to increased rent due to higher taxes.

    I have had threatening phone calls in the middle of the night, drive by BB shootings witch ruined a storm door and a few other acts of vandalism.

    Im still here……

    I really enjoy threatening phone calls. I talk to the caller about how I saw there mother working with other prostitutes on a major street, ask them if they ever had “anal sex with the same sex”, etc, etc. I try to fuck with them to get them to lose their cool because I am ready, waiting and well armed. All my neighbors and myself work togather, we watch for each other and our houses and crime has slowly diminished (we are kinda like our own little gang)

    We still have the lone, white trash meth lab up the street. In time, Natural Selection (Darwinism) will prevail.

    By the way, the owner of the meth lab collects social security disability. He makes extra money mowing lawns, and very industrious. He has one of those bicycles with a small two stroke engine. He rigged up a trailer mount on the bicycle, built a mini-fifth wheel trailer and carries has lawnmower, weed eater and gas can on his mini-fith wheel trailer (No Shit) your tax dollars at work.

    • SJCO and everyone else.


      Latest update on meth lab.

      One of the idiots got arrested today about 50 yards from the meth lab. Outstanding warrants I think???

      One down, several more to go………..

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