Black Buggies and Straw Hats


It has been over twelve years……… I have forgotten just how beautiful this place is. I was last here when we had to bury my father. Many hills……. plenty of black buggies and straw hats.

I had also forgotten just how many gardens are planted every year in this region. It puts East Texas to shame. Another great surprise was the cattle.


Strangest damn cows I have ever seen, yet they are now very prevelant in the region.

5 thoughts on “Black Buggies and Straw Hats

  1. Scottish Highland cattle. They’ve come into this area too and I have my heart set on having some at the Idaho place. You don’t have to grain them and they do well on mountain sides. OBTW, my green beans and cukes are up and doing well, I’m happy with the seed, thanks.
    Miss Violet

  2. Beautiful. I would be knee deep in that river casting for trout… That is a strange looking cow! Looks like a cross between a Longhorn and an English Sheep Dog.

  3. Lots of straw hats and black buggies here, and I know you have roots in this area- if you’re in my neck of the woods, my contact info is in your inbox.
    Lewis III

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