I have been in North West PA for the past week and a half, the trip was partially business and partially coming home to visit family after twelve long years. This is where I was raised. I really thought I would have the time to meet a few fellow Patriots while I was in the area, sadly this did not happen. My apologies to all, the time slipped through my fingers as I took the time to catch up and visit with family.

The mood through out the rolling hills is not good, although I would not predict pitchforks in hand just yet. I can’t get into the meat and potatoes of the business aspect of my trip……. I am sure the sharper marbles in the bowl have already figured it out.


I was made aware of the monkey business of anonymous foul… crass, crude comments posted in another’s name. Smacks of the same old gang of perverts. It is indeed sad and distasteful. My hands are clean in this matter.

Upon my return to Texas I will have to ramp up the networking and promotion of http://jebadiahfishergardenseed.com, I want to thank all of those that placed orders and were willing to wait until I returned home for the processing. The trip to PA was supposed to take place later in the summer. None the less I had no choice but to leave early for the meetings with the locals.

The amount of self-sufficiency in the area is phenomenal, it really puts Texas to shame. It is as I had remembered, truly beautiful and wonderous. I am not hating on Texas by any means…… simple observations. Texas has been very good to me.

The abundant agriculture in this area boggles the mind, it is a model that should be seen and replicated. I have not witnessed the gun culture as is widely seen in Texas, I suppose it does not mean it does not exist, my rudimentary understanding is it is here and it’s kept some what quiet.

As things evolve I will be in a position to share the details of my trip, I have much to do….. I have a very short time to learn another language, it will be very challenging but I really have no choice in the matter. Looking forward to getting back to Texas.

Again my apologies to those that I did not and could not take the time to meet with, I will be in the area several times in the near future.


Local, Local, Local is not a new concept, we need to start thinking outside the box! After all is has worked fine for these folks.

5 thoughts on “Local……..Local……..Local……..

  1. Well said! Hope to meet up on one of your trips back up here. Got to love the amish, doing it their way and to heck with what the “english” think!

    • I have often said that the Amish and the folks in Appalachia are showing us how things should be done. Regardless of what oozes down from Crapitol Hill, life hasn’t changed much for these folks, except for recent attacks by the FDA over raw milk and such. It might not be “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”, but it is not a bad life. Full bellies and close knit communities are definitely a good thing. Local local local…

      • oh yeah!, Not much changes around here! The gov ignores us for the most part and that’s good because it goes both ways! “I ain’t rich but I ain’t worried either!”

  2. Out of curiosity, do you know if Monsanto has made much headway getting their GMO corn into your family’s neck of the woods?

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