I am back home in Texas, we arrived late last night. Two whole weeks in the great State of Pennsylvania! Some business and some pleasure. The patriot community is maturing, although…….. bastard children will always live up to their birth title.

I had very little time to write while in PA, I made to trip to help expand Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed……….. I have much work to do, it is a very aggressive business model, and one that has never been attempted. I am confident that the efforts will also pay off in spades to the patriot community, I will expand more as my efforts evolve into something more concrete, never forget PA is not unlike TX. There are many loyal Patriots in the region, English and………. non-English.



Get it? You should. It’s not too complex.


While I was home I happened to bump into these two Patriots, merely by accident, my son and I were heading back to the quiet hills after going into Erie for some wings, I saw two trucks pull into a gas station and they had Patriot stickers all over their vehicles, I hesitated for second and then turned the steering wheel and whipped into the parking lot.

I rolled down the window and asked them about their Patriot stickers, I stated I was from Texas, and asked if they were familiar with the Three Percenters……. One of the Gents turns around to display the back of his Three Percent T-shirt. I grinned very wide that afternoon.

Mike Wagner and Jon Weber, They run the Patriot Radio Program Braveheart FM 88.7 out of Meadville PA. and Jon has his personal blog…….Keystone State 111

There is a third member…… I am sure may of you may know him, Darrell Sivik, a True Patriot.

More on Darrell here;

As it turns out Jon and Mike where familiar with my work, and I was familiar with theirs as well, although it had been a very long time ago. They were just leaving the Gun Rally in Erie that afternoon when they stopped at the gas station on their way home. Their radio show airs on Saturdays at 6 PM ET.

I hope to be interviewed by them some day soon. Please do me a favor and help these guys with a link to your site. It is indeed a small world, Jon and Mike were very surprised that I was born and raised in the area.

On another note…. Sam I returned home to find your care package, thank you kindly and Congratulations to all from 111 Arms to the Citadel.

I want to also thank those Patriot that were willing to wait until my return home for the processing of their Garden Seed Orders. I will begin processing and shipping the next few days.

I will be doing another promotion of Two Patriot Packages for $150.00 to honor July 4th. I also need the sales, the two and a half weeks I was gone left a gaping hole in sales and promotions, yet the trip had to happen to help sales for next year.

PA may be my home town…. I do miss her, it had been over 13 years ago since I was home. It was a great trip for me and my 11-year-old son, it was his first visit and the first time he has met most of my family. Texas is home now, it has been for almost twenty-five years, there is no way of describing a love affair with the South. After she gets into your blood….. she will always be number one. God Bless Texas!


2 thoughts on “Rumspringa

  1. It was great meeting you even though we only had a short time to talk. Thanks for promoting our sites, and we will return the favor, both on and offline. And there’s always a chair and mic in the studio for you when you make it up again. Stay safe and God Bless.

    Patriot Jon

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