Can a Room Full Of Cockroaches Survive Without Food


I make zero claims of being the wise old owl of the lot….. It would seem as if a foul wind is blowing, and I would suspect the Tea Baggers and the Conservatives will NOW pass the immigration bill……

It will get signed into law, you mark my words! Amnesty for one and for all. Yes We have the Hero of the RHINO Party to thank…….Ronald Reagan,,,,,,,,,, Gasp but it was only two million of them. Ronnie will be used as the water mark this go around.

I suppose it’s all good, what the fuck do we actually have left……. to our Republic. Burn the Bitch down, set it ablaze……. do not forget to throw gasoline on the fire. I sit here in shame….. with the understanding I was so naïve years ago and supported the RHINO’s, foolish and young.

Of course we did have Ron Paul, sadly the universe would never quite align perfectly for Ron, of course the universe had much help from the Devil and his minions. Too bad the proverbial fruit did not fall far the tree, good old Rand. But I suppose there will always be a spare oak limb available…….Yes Rubio get in line,,,,, you are next.

Things are not quite desperate, no not just yet. But please do understand the closer we are pushed to the cliffs edge…. the bloodier the games will be, sad indeed. It really does not have to come to this… really! Sadly the universe and the Diablo state otherwise. I am good with it, are you? Seems the Dog Poet is bugging out…… bags in hand kinda bugging out.

“A great many of us here are hiding out in the woods, metaphorically and literally.”

Sound familiar? It should. Good luck Les and company…… hopefully Che and the frog cutters will stay uniformed, lord knows how they would attack the concept. But again I make no claims of being the wise old owl of the bunch. I have to wonder how the street corner pan handling is doing these days over at Sopesy Street?

I was reminded recently……. Not One More Inch…….. Not One More Bloody Inch, wait…..wait…….wait. Oh it’s an absolved day and a refresher course on posting comments anonymously on his own site. Can you see my grin? Perhaps it’s more of a smirk, I really can’t tell the difference…… perhaps another cup of joe will help with the situation.

I don’t remember where I read this recently ” will a room full of cockroaches survive without food” Interesting observation, the answer is rhetorical I suppose. Anyone buying silver at the moment? Could the cockroaches buy food with their silver shekels? I suppose an opposable thumb really would not be necessary.



I think my watermelons might be ripe, the age-old practice of thumping your melon to check for ripeness might come in handy when the universe and the devil ratchet up a notch or two. Hell just tell your local bankster…. you are merely checking for ripeness, and to hold still, it only hurts for a moment. But what do I know I make zero claims of being a wise old owl.

Back to cockroaches and food……… oh wait it’s another absolved day. Hello Che, you might not read todays post, after all you tend to check in rather early, none the less hello, and can a room full of cockroaches survive without food?

You know…… I mentioned a few times that I long ago lived in Northern Idaho, great beautiful place, wonderous place. I have to wonder from time to time if I might ever go back? Texas is a great place too, although the ” All Hat and No Cattle” bravado tends to lend to a false sense of security and Green Doors. Hell if you listen to Ronnie Reagan Junior, who happens to reside in Austin……… It’s uncle sugar’s job to keep them damn illegals out.

Of course there was the time Ronnie jr got caught with his knickers around his ankles……. “No Government Bailouts.”

“Turns out Texas was the state that depended the most on those very stimulus
funds to plug nearly 97% of its shortfall for fiscal 2010
, according to the
National Conference of State Legislatures. Texas, which crafts a budget every
two years, was facing a $6.6 billion shortfall for its 2010-2011 fiscal years.
It plugged nearly all of that deficit with $6.4 billion in Recovery Act
money, allowing it to leave its $9.1 billion rainy day fund untouched.

So I will ask one last time….. Can a room full of cockroaches survive without any food? The cliffs edge is getting closer and closer. And the Texas bravado means jack squat.

“All Hat and No Cattle”



I have to wonder if the Iraqi’s feel LIBERATED yet?

2 thoughts on “Can a Room Full Of Cockroaches Survive Without Food

  1. In my experience with all sorts of cockroach eradication, I know that they will eat each other’s poisoned bodies like it ain’t nothing and ask for seconds. So Yes SJCO, they will survive until they cannot eat each other anymore because they’re all dead from eating each other… If that makes sense. HA!

  2. That’s why your seed business is so important, Bill.

    There are any number of free books available on the net for folks to start their research on soil and crops. Of course there’s no substitute for getting dirt under your nails, but some mistakes/errors can be avoided by reading those made by others.

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