Time to Schedule The Class –


I have zero intentions of becoming someones evening meal, oh it matters not if you are actually consumed or not, you are still dead. If they so choose to marinade you overnight and throw you over some red-hot coals is irrelevant. YOU ARE STILL DEAD. I suppose on the flip side you will get to meet the Baby Jesus.

No sir, I plan on sticking around for some time, although……. one may never predict what uncle sugar has up his sleeve. I am a very deep sleeper, and who knows just what my reaction time may be.

I suppose the daily travels into society are just as dangerous, lord knows if Zimmerman is acquitted…….. No need for further discussion on that matter, we all know there is an element that hates our guts, and will look for any excuse to play with matches and break windows, they also love to empty out department stores and your local Piggly Wiggly.

Painting with too broad of a brush you say? Yes I know….. There is also another slave that exists today, and I must be very careful not to offend, because as we all know… we are all free shit army. Yet I sit and ponder ” Starving The Beast” really is not about sitting on one’s ass and taking a stroll down the dusty driveway to check the mail for that monthly stipend.

There are real dangers that are present as we venture out. Meth has turned a large part of a generation into real Zombies….. The same holds true for those that rattle their orange plastic bottles.

I see so many that refuse to help themselves, perhaps FSA is not the correct term, White Trash? Crackers? None the less they pose a threat to you and yours. We must also concern ourselves with The piggly Wiggly entrepreneurs, who would prefer free vittles and go-fasters over having to work for them. Then we also have the Liar Keepers… yes the age-old Peace Officer that will today wipe his own ass with our beloved Constitution.


Here is a secret for you……. It matters not what side of the tracks you live on, you are and will be targeted at some point, sitting in traffic, at the mall, driving down your red dirt road. The danger to you and yours is real. I plan on doing something about it.

Years ago I was a bar room brawler, yes I was tough as nails, I am also a former US Marine. Yet I am self-aware enough to understand ” Those Were The Days” I am almost 50 years old, I have gotten soft and comfortable. I remember absolutely nothing in regards to the training I received in the Marines on Hand to Hand.

Time for things to change, I will soon be giving Sam Kerodin a deposit for his CQB class.


The price seems reasonable, yet I am not looking to share a class with 10-20 other people, actually I am not quite sure that there are enough people in my AO that would pay and take the course. If there are any SERIOUS folks willing to take the course please e-mail me. I think 8 people would be the right combination. My son and I will be attending, he is eleven, and he is excited to meet Sam and Holly and to take the course. Two down and just a few more to go.



4 thoughts on “Time to Schedule The Class –

  1. I am looking forward to taking the class next month with our group. Even at 35 I’m not sure how much my body can take. I’ve settled into the family life and put my fighting days behind unless left with no other choice. I always say if I’m pissed enough to fight, I’m pissed enough to shoot a man. However, I know you don’t always have that option if you are caught off guard so I’m looking forward to adding another dimension to my small arsenal. I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting Sam once in Mercer last year but he was getting ready to leave by the time we got there. I have a feeling after he whips my ass a little I may not be looking forward to it again. Haha.. Be well.
    Josh R.

  2. We have 8 slated for my class (would have been 9, but my wife is due to pop any day now), that seems to be the number to shoot for. These are all people I know and have worked with before. There are more interested in my area, but getting everyone together on a given date is always challenging. I did not market outside my trusted circles, I wanted my core tribe to be one step ahead 😉

    Members in attendance are all true Patriots. You will see the III, Militiamen, our III Congress Representative, and their sons, daughters, brothers and sisters learning Sam’s craft this Saturday.

    Stay tuned for our AAR

    • Stackz I have yet to reach out to Sam on his schedule, I wanted to see what kind of interest there might be in our A.O. first. So far we have 4 folks.

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