Liar Keepers ” not on our watch” No sir ” not on our watch”


Dog Poet Transmitting………………….

” For a long time, I’ve had the suspicion that behind the scenes there is a percolating outrage going on, concerning treason, other high crimes and terrible offenses against Nature, humanity and beast. That gets shot down on a regular basis when I see things like the Oath Keepers, knuckling under to the ADL and Southern Poverty Scam Center over things like appearing at Freedompalooza.”

“What does the charter of the Oath Keepers state? How do they rationalize these bold statements with their reflexive capitulation, the moment that a powerful cabal of monsters, looks at them cross-eyed? Does this not ring a bell in your belfry; given that you still have a bell in your belfry? You cannot serve the higher principles, if you bow your knee to the followers and practitioners of the lowest principles, who are also making war on every possible level against the country you claim to love and honor.”

Read the rest here:

And we have this from Yours truly:

Remember ” Not One More Inch”

I have to wonder who Stewart and Mike work for?


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